Patents for Sale

  • Golf Tee With Bubble Level, Lab Tested
    Our patent-pending high performance golf tee with a bubble level to improve trajectory and distance. Scientifically proven to gain up to 34 more yards of distance versus standard wooden tees. Company also has an e-commerce site;

  • Comfy Drive...
    Solves Sore and Sweaty Elbows and Arms for Automotive Drivers and Passengers, and for Truck Drivers also. It has a Memory Foam core, with a thin Heat Absorbing cooling gel on top of that Memory Foam. It has a Super Soft Microfiber Suede Cloth Exterior.

  • Automatic Car/door Screen

  • Workout Station For Overall Fitness+mma!
    Fitness station that contains strategically placed spring-loaded targets that are attached to a wheel mounted center post containing larger spring systems attached to a wall. All size users able to strike,kick,knee,or elbow without adjustments to pads!!

  • Http://
    Pet Paw Covers for veterinary and consumer uses.

  • Pb&j A New Board Game For Kids
    PB&J is a board game for kids 4 years of age and older. I am looking for someone interested in buying.

  • Easy E's Concrete Mixer
    Flow meter which can be attached to a garden hose to measure and control the amount of water that is added with a bag of concrete when preparing concrete mixed for small jobs. There are different settings to be used with different-sized bags of concrete.

  • Nail Cleaner Express-new Product
    A fast and efficient way to remove finger nail and toe nail polish, acrylic and gel nails while providing barrier to acetone fumes known to cause health complications, would incorporate health benefits of pressure point massages for hands and feet.

  • Unique Dispenser Will Rule The World
    A totally new concept of anti theft anti vandal toilet tissue dispenser for public restrooms that has so many advantages over all other types that it will dominate the industry and become the world wide standard. The market is too vast to comprehend!

  • "facebook" For Sports Patent Pending
    A system and method for creating and running a tournament by the means of time, a tournament time-schedule and the interactions of the tournament entrants over a network with a server.

  • Http://
    The headline will take you to a page to where you can view my patent idea.

  • Emerganc Navegation
    The present invention relates to a locating system, particularly a locating system reference to vehicles, and more particularly but not exclusively a locating system for users to inform of emergency vehicles.

    Eliminate the need to search for trash bags or throw extra bags in the bottom of the trash can. The holder holds up to 15 clean bags at a time upright inside your square style trash can. The holder works with any trash bag on the market today!

  • The Zekeferre - Inline Fertilization
    The ZekeFerre is an inline fertilization and bug control system. The ZekeFerre allows private and commercial property owners to easily connect the device to their existing sprinkler system in order to evenly distribute granulated or liquid fertilizers.

    Hi my name is Silfred Joseph and I am the inventor of this patent for sale that will change and revolutionize the way serving can be done In the food and beverage industry, you can google search us20100230419.I can also be reached 340-220-1075,thank you.

  • New Golf Cart Seats
    Tempurpedic/Memory foam golf cart seats whith all verity of colors of vinyl covers.

  • Dashboard Receipt Holder
    Parking Receipt Holder

  • Profitable Patented Technology For Sale
    TWO (2) Patents and IP for Sale/License for the manufacture of the worlds only solid-core Waterproof Laminate COMMERCIAL Flooring and many other uses in the RV and other industries.

  • Motors At Constant Speed Save Energy.
    Less than 1% of the energy contained in the gas is used to move the driver. A lot of energy can be saved by keeping the motor running at constant speed and maximum efficiency. The idea also applies to diesels, electrical motors ....

  • Surface Well Water Gauge
    The present invention is an apparatus for a gauge to determine the amount of water, in gallons, in a surface well. The present invention visually indicates the amount of water remaining in the surface well helping to regulate water usage effectively.

  • No Blow Away Plant Cover
    The concept developed is a plant cover that protects flowering and small fruit or garden plants which are potted. It can also be used to protect small young shrubs from sudden changes in the weather and insects.

  • The Furgman Tailgator,automotive Media.
    This device mounts on the rear of the car and is controlled by a remote device, it can broadcast your status with a unique code if some finds you attractive, broadcast that the car has a curfew, car is stolen, soccer mom needs help, car is stolen.........

  • Car Wash Caddy Patent 7,128,325
    Car wash Caddy, developed to wash your car without ever needing to bend over to pick up the sponge or hose. There is a place to hold all your cleaning supplies, even a spot for your drink! Very unique product, nothing like it.

  • The Jumpbox (us Patent #d684,925)
    An exciting new invention that is an innovative motor starting device which can charge/start as many as eight machines without needing to be re-charged. This versatile device can be safely used with automobiles as well as heavy duty industrial machinery.

  • Global Longevity "copyright" <purchase>
    Monday. June 24th, 2013 Dear Client, OPERATION: WATERFALL Operation: Waterfall . The Announcement of Global Longevity Platform of Open Viewing Policy

  • Shock-proof Electrical Outlet
    You no longer need to worry about electrocuting yourself with this outlet. Whether water hits it or you accidentally insert metal into it, this outlet is completely fool proof.

  • Hoster - Hands-free Watering Assistance
    A hoster is a timesaving invention for holding a garden hose for watering a specific area of lawn or garden. It allows a user to just walk away and tend to other more important activities. The system consists of a 36" steel post and a hoster.

  • Link It A Safe Toy For Kids
    link it is large building blocks we are looking for investors to help manufacture promote this toy and share in profits this toy has a patent pending in the usa

  • Auto Fuel Saver Device,us Patent#7899606

  • Much More Than A Fashion Statement
    Inner City Peace capitalizes on the popular peace symbol as a fashion statement to call attention to the need for peace in America's long neglected inner cities. Through the use of the niche logo, supporters can fashionably spread awareness.

  • Smart Doorbell Pager (s.d.p)
    the s.d.p. is a product that let you answer your door using a cell phone. it is a interactive system that let both user see each other. you can also open and close door, arm and disarm security system and sign for packages.

  • Illuminated Fuse Box System Patent
    A Fuse Box that combines a series of specially designed fuses in a fuse box that allows an individual to see one or more particular fuses within the fuse box when they are broken, by illuminating. See at

  • The Future Of Restaurant Success
    State of the art restaurant pager provisional patent. The pager is a touch screen device capable of placing orders for those patrons waiting outside to be seated. Reduces customer wait time while increasing customer turn out which will increase profits.

  • States Health Inspector Food Elec Sign
    High-Profile readability to Health department ratings for public health scoreboard. Tamper-proof computer software the inspector can change. Lithium Battery lite LED Number on the all main doors, also 1 inside showing the paper work. mts to glass door

  • Resting- While Standing- Leg Brace
    A device to help relieve weight or pressure off the wearer while still standing.

  • Power Jockey Hybrid Battery Augmentation
    The power jockey augments the weakened battery bank of a hybrid car by tapping power from the alternator to boost its terminal voltage.

  • The Snowboard With A Retractable Brake!
    The Storm Snowboard allows any rider of any age to snowboard comfortably. There is no learning curve. You just hop on and go. Stand anyway you want, no boots, straps, or bindings needed! Easily control your speed and stop quickly. It's easy and fun!

  • Mega-catch Mosquito Traps
    Manufacturing/Distribution Licenses Available for Acquisition

  • Locking T-tip Aerosol Spray Tube To Can
    Both patent methods offer unique solutions to the aerosol spray can straw attachment to the can. One provides a "T-Tip" snap in place attachment. The other provides a "Twist-Tip, quick one quarter turn attachment of the straw to the cap.

  • Snowgo
    Kids pull wagon on ski's used for winter in snow or summer in the sand. These easy to snap on and off ski's can convert your wagon into a working machine to be used any time of year. So there is no more need to put you wagon away.

    The teaching Parrot is an educational tool for both child and parent!

  • Gps Without Expensive Satellites(klas)
    KLAS is the only fully autonomous measuring system for determining the position of the block of the Earth to determine the coordinates in real time t, without need to communicate with any external system of reference.

  • Holiday Lights Storage And Decoration
    A storage combined apparatus and decor item for Christmas or Halloween decorative holiday lights acts as both a storage unit and standing individual holiday decoration.

  • Allen Key With 42% More Torque
    With 1000's of uses from bicycle maintenance to flatpack furniture, and over 60,000 global google searches for allen keys every month, there is a gap in the market for a new allen key.

  • Wine Glass Holder For The Outdoors
    This wine glass holder is designed to be used outdoors, as in picnics, music concerts, at the Beach. Also useful on boats or spas with the wine Glass holder your drinks will never ever Spill Again!!! now you have your hands free, to do as you please!!!

  • Solar Lithium Ion Battery Pack
    Solar powered Lithium Ion battery pack with patent pending for switching power supply (reduces power consumption by approx. 10%). Working prototype.

  • Noteboard: The Famous Folding Whiteboard
    Noteboards went viral on the internet in April of 2012, and since then over 14,000 have sold around the world with absolutely no marketing or sales effort on my part. They're incredibly versatile, cheap to produce, and useful.

  • Trash Takes Itself To Road! (patented)
    A Trashcan Robot designed to automatically transport itself to the end of the road/driveway on the date and time chosen by the consumer.Product is patented and 100% developed and ready to sell. The cost to make the robot is under $300.

  • Home Brew Sediment Catcher
    Removes sediment from homebrew beer, wine and sparkling wine(champagne)from the bottle without opening the bottle and without loosing pressure thus no more cloudy alcohol.

  • Cigarette Drops
    Comes in several different flavors to enhance your smoking experience. Can be used with cigarettes, cigars or rolled cigarettes. Also comes in a "STOP SMOKING" flavor used to help people quit.

  • Cellular Phone Case/skin Loop Handle
    A simple addition to a cellular phone case or skin that acts as a holder for a finger or fingers. It is situated in a loop fashion on the back of the phone. Can be pliable rubber or ribbon material run through or secured to the case. Patent US D675,197S

  • Defrost Indicator - Frozen Breast Milk
    Our device is used by Mothers who freeze and store Breast Milk. The device will advise if an unknown defrost and refreeze may have occurred thus spoiling the milk and or other frozen perishables in the freezer. Our device can be used in any freezer.

  • Implanted Brain Pacemaker Stroke Device
    For stroke prevention, comprising an mini transcranial Doppler ultrasound device implanted on the temple, an oximeter, an external handheld computer and a drug delivery system for medication (tPA & NMDA inhibitor) for thrombolysis and neuroprotection.

  • Road-traffic Accident Hypothermic Device
    The invention for hypothermia and rewarming is accomplished using a loop catheter with fluid running through the loop placed in the lateral ventricles.

  • Unique Stock Trading Software
    Real-time stock trading screeners and trading/investment tools. Existing sales (100K+ annual gross) on almost no marketing. Insufficient resources to explode the base.

  • Ainsley's Instant Made Coffe
    A instant made coffee, that provides convienance, and portability. All containers will already contain Coffee, Tea, Cappacino, or Hot Cocoa content, thus adding water creating a solution of goodness.

  • Retractable Mud Flap
    The invention is a simple concept that raises and lowers the mud flap with a flip of a switch from the cab of the truck. See website

  • Exclusive Tonymontana Trademark For Sale
    We are own a business trademark of TONY MONTANA name that I want to sell. or Licence! TONY MONTANA is a multi-million dollar brand and is a very popular

  • New Firefighting Apparatus
    New firefighting apparatus, Using new technology to fire fighting and making it much faster and more efficient to work from fire engulfed areas,

  • Automatic Grocery Bag Opener # 6931817
    Patented to automatically open produce and carry-out bags. Sensor Activated in any retail outlet on the AUTOMATIC GROCERY BAG OPENER # 6931817 I have a large US company that will license my Patent. Looking for an investor to help me take to market.

  • Hydro Patent - Entirely Different Design
    Entirly new hydroelectric design, nothing even similar exists in the world, that is the important part, this is not a redesign, similar to, a rip off of another type of hydro or wave machine even proposed in theoretical history, and is also 100% fish safe

  • Fire Prevention Tech With Human Factor
    Here is a preventive innovation technology for cooking! The Firing Alarm Pager is a reminder electronic chronometer with function to trigger an audible alarm at intervals in order to inform the cook to monitor the cooking fire on cooker or risk appliance

  • Utility Trailer Tilter
    The Trailer Tilter is designed to be used by Hot Rod enthusiasts, Landscapers, equipment haulers, and those owning utility trailers desiring the ease of loading without having to lift or damage their car or equipment.

  • Biomass Multi-fuels Furnace
    This biomass furnace burns various, non-fossil fuels to provide an economical, green heat source for a residential/commercial structure. The biomass fuels include, but aren't limited to, shell corn, pellets,yard waste, saw dust, wood chip, waste oil,

  • Concrete Repair---dowel Bar Retrofit
    Patented technology which will reduce cost and time to repair Dowel Bar Retrofits on highway and othe concrete slabs

  • Register/filter
    Air register patent and inventory for sale

  • It's Not Just A Television Anymore!
    This combined video phone and television set will revolutionize communications as we know them. It will bring together all peoples of the world for purposes of family, friendship, education, compassion, love and ecology.

  • Enviro-green Safety Syringe Patent
    Green Engineered Safety Syringe

  • Patent Granted: Store Dvd 's Digitally
    Patent granted in Australia and China, filed and pending in another 25 countries including Europe and USA. Residential Media Servers are no longer limited to content delivery and playback because of copy protection and digital rights management systems.

  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
    I filed a Canadian patent on a vertical axis turbine consistent with a wind and tidal turbine. So I am looking for investors who could possibly become the owner or part owner of the patent to other countries than mine.

  • Modernized Bar Utensil
    GREAT POTENTIAL! New concept on a old design. Looking for investers to bring product to market. Product drawings have been generated and marketing strategies conceived.

  • Computer Mount For Motorcycle
    A computer mount for both law enforcement and civilian applications that will enable the user to store a full size laptop in the rear top box of a motorcycle (US Patent #7,384,087 B2 / June 10, 2008). Patent available for lease or sale.

  • Side View Mirror Clearing System
    Air Vizion Technologies Mirror Clearing System allows drivers of industrial trucks to clear moisture from side view mirrors via the flip of a switch. Drivers get instant visibility by clearing moisture from mirrors to allow safe backing and lane changing

  • Water Sense Irrigation Feeding Systems

  • Timed Water Sprayer For Plants!
    a device that has a timer you can set to spray water for your plants.

  • Ultraviolet & Privacy Protection Blinds
    I invented and hold a patent for an awesome new blinds system. It provides the means for multiple type, color and material blinds to hang in one window. The blinds each operate independently. A wall mountable blinds controller is added to the patent too.

  • Artificial Intelligence (ai) Planning
    The invention is a way of getting computers to behave intelligently to satsify goals. It is known as planning as modeling because it is based on the idea that planning and modeling are closely linked: planning is really a special case of modeling.

  • $84 B Worldwide Electronics Costs!!
    Adding a conductive polymer or similar material to the leading edge of connectors can add an RC time constant to bring both host and peripheral devices to the same potential to protect expensive, critical equipment without causing an ESD event.

  • Baby Bottle Accessory
    PATENT PENDING STATUS The baby bottle accessory relates to a baby bottle. This device, is used to blend baby formula in the bottle. The baby bottle accessory is a portable device, Which has attachments for blending baby formula with food, medicine, and i

  • Gear Head Hat A Must Have For Gear Heads
    "Get Your Gears On" Whether your going to Nascar,drag racing, dirt track ,any thing a Gear Head would do !! This is a Crazy way to show your a TRUE GEAR HEAD !!

  • Adjustable Heimlich Maneuver Device
    The described device has broad potential application in most food service settings including school cafeterias, restaurants and commercial transportation and in non-commercial settings including the home.

  • Shaver Caddie
    A storage apparatus for storing disposable shavers in convenient locations.

  • Selective Cancer Treatment Technology
    The technology represents optimization and monitoring by MRI of nano sized cancer drug release in deep tumor regions. Aiming for cure for those 20 % who die from local complications. Lead time to market 1 - 2.5 y. Approved patents. USD 0.45 mill.

  • Rx Instructional Audio Cap
    Recordable device that plays backdosing and contraindications associated with prescriptions and OTC medications that the illiterate, elderly and young can follow without reading lengthy pamphlets. It will encourage patient compliance & safety.

  • Tornado And Severe Weather Alarm
    A totally self contained unit the size of a smoke detector that does not require programming nor does it rely on weatherband of any kind. We have marketed the unit and sold everything we had. Our warning times have been as much as 90 minutes

  • Structural Elements Of Metal And Plastic
    Achieving a structural element made of metal and plastic with properties which would not be possible by using said materials separately. Similar to structural elements made of reinforced concrete (steel and concrete).

  • Seismic, Pressure & Heat Resistant W
    The invention is based on the concept of a brick wall in which brick-shaped elements, consisting of a tough inner core and a flexible outer casing, are bolted together to an extremely hard-to-penetrate wall/shell unit.

  • Emergency Electronic Traffic Alert Light
    Our invention is patented in U.S. and Canada and relates to a battery powered traffic alert device for alerting on-coming motorists and pedestrians to a potentially hazardous roadway or walkway condition. Invented to replace "dangerous" flares.

  • Pickup Truck Cargo Bed Extender
    a heavy duty pickup truck cargo bed extender designed for the construction industry.

  • Perfect Pendulum Device
    Bowling practice brace. With the use of a progressive hinge this elbow brace locks the elbow joint and forces a bowling competitor to swing his/her arm in a straight line or pendulum. This is necessary for an individual to hit the target consistently.

  • Tracking Installed Equipment For Repair
    System and method for tracking installed equipment and deploying spare parts

  • Substrate Sheet With Removable Strip
    Now your ideas can now be expressed on paper in the neatest, cleanest, and most convenient way ever. With Elis Self-Binding Paper you can present information without any bulky binders, cumbersome paper clips, or ugly staples. This revolutionary

  • Polymer-coated Metal Strip
    The present invention provides for a polymer metallic strip and an improved rapid process for the continuous extrusion of coating layer of the surface of a metal strip. Canning and Metal Building industries are target markets.

  • Rc Self Compensated Electronic Filter
    Innovative 2° order biquad/universal continuous time analog active filters type resonant using active full self-compensation techniques to improve the frequency range, the stability and/or the selectivity at a very low cost. **For Sale or Licensing**

  • Rotary Shaver Patents And Improvements
    Patents for a new rotary shaver that is the world's fastest and easiest to use rotary shaver. View and access these patents and descriptions on the website

  • Steadfast Restaurant Table Base
    Self leveling restaurant table base. Quick & easy

  • Solar Powered Porch And Address Light
    The ornimental design for an exterior porch light with cylindrical body with address window, cap cover, and bottom end cover with holes to attach globe. Patent #D553,784,US7,310,901 B1

    please take a look at the on line then click on video, the video is about 3 minutes long

  • Ring Bottle Opener Quick Up
    I sell international intellectual properties (patents and models and trademlark) and commercial license (worldwide) of a new product : RING BOTTLE OPENER (QUICK UP)

  • Fence Extender
    The fence extender's primary goal is to extend the life and/or the height of a wooden picket fence. The United States Patent Office ( patent pending 60/966,181)

  • Fork It Over Bbq Utensil For Sale
    A BBQ utensil that utilizes curved, double side-tines for ease of flipping/turning and releasing.

  • Utility Truck Bed Cover
    Product is multi-functional. Functions as a locking truck bedcover, load rack and signage for advertising. Nothing on the market like it!! View website for greater details.

  • Simple Eyewear Caddy For Cars And Home
    Eyewear caddy holds Rx and sunglasses securely to the corner of a car windshield or bathroom mirror. Prevents your expensive glasses from getting scuffed as they slide across the dashboard! No more sitting on your frames!

  • Revolutionary Pre-fabricated Tile Board
    Pre-Fabricated Tile Board is a pre-installed, pre-grouted, completely finished tile board that can be installed on any flat surface, such as a wall, floor or counter.

  • Reconfigurable Multi-panel Dry Erase
    The Write 'n Slide Dry Erase System is a reconfigurable, multi-panel dry erase board developed for planning events (staff meetings, worship services, educational lesson plans, etc.); and tracking information (names of students, regular maintenance, etc

  • Smart Card Technology-security Enhancing
    Crackers find sophisticated ways to get the secure data => Manufacturers have to come up with more sophisticated locks and keys on cards. The idea eliminates access to the smart card gold-plated contacts of an IC chip thus preventing the data interception

  • 3 Phase Dimmer
    Brief description: Apparatus that vary the speed of three phase electromotor from zero to maximum by triac (even high power) and electromotor will spin softly.

  • Agrohomoeopathy
    agrohomoeopathy is emerging science in the field of organic farming. It is complete alternative system for the existing hazardous chemical fertilizers and pesticides.innovation of Homeopathic plant nutrients and protectors is big breakthrough in the field

  • Polymer Coated Cardboard
    This is a new technic to coat the cardboards to make them printable and smooth on the surface, the cost is low and the final price of the product would be comparitvely low

  • Collachi Grip
    A device designed to aid people with the opening and closing of 90% of the doorknobs on the market.

  • Revolutionary Tire Valve/pressure Gauge
    The Q-V valve consists of a permanent irremovable dust cap, a built-in tire pressure gauge (with numbers, lines and indicator) viewed through a transparent window located in the center of the valve.

  • Portable Refrigeration Unit
    PRU or the PORTABLE REFRIGERATION UNIT was designed with one purpose in mind, to save money by saving perishable goods stored in walk-in coolers and freezers. First used at a major university.

  • Tool Drive System
    A wrench/ratchet accessory, sort of a Versatile Joint, with integrated functions for transferring rotational torque from a tool at phenomenal angles. It provides flexibility to fit, operate and transmit force or rotational torque thru minimum space.

  • Acoustic Ear Warmers
    Acoustic Ear Warmers Hear Clearly! Designed for safety, Polar Fusion SoundFlips are acoustic ear warmers that open for sound. SoundFlips feature exclusive sound doors that "flip" open to help you hear sounds more clearly, such as approaching cars.

  • Best Sound Diffuser Low Frequency Absorb
    This is a sound diffuser device that surpasses all previous competitive diffusers and is ready to be installed easily in any critical listening or performance facility. It is a lightweight, thermoformed complex hard plastic device, which is self-adjusted.

  • Ultimate Car Salon Protector
    A multifanctional car seat cover that protects the car from all sides and also can be used as a cargo area cover with compartments

  • Inflatable Pillow For Lying Face Down
    An inflatable pillow for lying face down. Ideal for portable massage, tanning, physical therapy, post eye surgery and more.

  • The Stirwhip Stirrer/mixer
    The Stirwhip is a stirrer tool like no other in the market. It mixes paints, putties, glues, compounds and concrete. The flexible head unit can enter and exit small openings and mix the contents without removing the lid!

  • Airport Security System
    Method for tracking and processing passengers and their transported articles.

  • Revolutionary New Sports Watch
    The "FUSION" watch allows the user the flexibility to position (based on which finger and side of the hand) the watch in any manner that fits with their individual running form and/or desired sport, including outside of gloves for winter activities.

  • Contractor's Marking Tool
    This construction tool was created for commercial contractors, handymen and homeowners who are building new homes or simply adding on to an existing home. The construction tool incorporates 10 tools into 1 tool to perform virtually all related tasks.

  • U.s. Pat. #6922154 Infant Safety Device
    Selling now my utility patent for $20,000.0 Maida J.K. (inventor)

  • Looking To Sell License Or Manufacture
    Portable Automatic Golf Ball Teeing Device

  • New Usa Patent 7,324,408 B2 Rsa Patent
    New USA patent 7,324,408 B2 RSA patent 2006/02979 (VEROREP) prevents rodent damage to automobiles engine compartments.

  • Exciting& Unique New Air Tool Accessory
    I have invented a exciting and unique new air tool accessory. The complete name of the product is the 3 In One Air Supply. This unit will allow multiple task to be be completed simultaneously on it. It saves time and money.

  • Replacement Caps
    replacment caps are a patented cap that fits on most any bottle,jar or other container that requires a lid or cap(small or large.

  • Microbial Destructor Of Hydrocarbons.
    Natural biodegradation processes remove hazardous substances from the environment, with microbes playing the dominant role.

  • Self Closing Dripfree Pour Spout
    Self closing spill and drip free pour spout designed to thred on to 1 liter and 4 liter containers such as oil, antifreeze and windshield washer fluid. Trouble free pouring that is pet safe and very invironmentaly friendly.

  • The Lasagne Cradle And Roaster
    it can be marketed in different ways but consists of a container for stove top or micro-wave that has a cradle that fits inside a pot, casserole, or roaster for dual purposes or sales. the cradle is to lift lasagne noodles out of hot water for lasagne.

  • An Improved Pediatric I V Arm Board
    An improved pediatric IV arm board which allows for visual and tactile inspection of an IV site without being removed. A simply constructed one piece design

  • No Moving Parts Liquid Level Sensor
    A patented No Moving parts Liquid Level and Temperature Sensor Available for either Licensing or sales.the sensor can be adapted to different shapes of containers. it can have either analog or digital display. It can be used in trucks, cars, boats etc.

  • Surgical Tool Patent Portfolio
    Surgical tool patent portfolio for sale. Currently under an exclusive license with a 6% royalty. Revenue from the licensing agreement has been $186k, $290k, and $507k respectively for the last three years. Serious inquiries only.

  • Automatic Water Limiting Consumption
    Device allows for predefined volume of uncontrolled flow to an outlet before stopping flow by 99%. These devices automaticlly reset when control is restored and between controlled usages. A water consumption limiting device which reduses waste& damage

  • Automatic Grocery Bag Opener/patented

  • Baby & Mom Pillow With Safety Device
    This product is covered by 2 patents. It's a great product with a safety feature like no other. Both patents are being sold. My product - has great marketing aspects and features. It has great sales presence and unique feature that has been well received.

  • 5 Solar Technology Patents
    Hello. I hold 5 patents on solar powered technology and three are currently being infringed upon by major corporations. I am looking for a partner to help me take them to court or to sell them outright.

  • Power Driver- Golf Shoe Insoles
    A golf shoe insole that sets a golfer up in proper position & keeps them in position during swing, resulting in straighter more powerful golf shots. Can be worn for practice or during a round of golf. Inexpensive to make and big mark up for retail.

  • Mobile Guitar With 26 Octets

  • Biofuels: Improved Algae Biomass Yield
    I have filed a US Provisional Patent for on a new photobioreactor system that improves biomass yield of aquatic microalgae. Currently I am working on the regular patent (PCT) application. Looking for investors/ licensees for countries other than India.

  • Life Saving Car Skid Inhibitor Patent
    The Life-Saving Car Skid Inhibitor is an automotive safety device designed to melt snow and ice on the roadways, to prevent tires from skidding.

  • Patent D581985 For Sale Or License
    The "Hanging Sign" Patent #D581985 issued December 2nd. 2008 for term of 14 yr. Will change the automobile "for sale" sign industry. View at Terms available. Contact Hanging Sign at; POBx 3347 Beaumont, CA. 92223.

  • Patented Infant Car Seat Needs Licensee.
    An infant car seat with a base and a carrier. When carrier is detatched, with its wheels and extendable locking handle, quick and easy transportation. Or you could pull the base out, drop the wheels, attach carrier and have a full sized stroller.

  • Misty Sprinkler Water Saver 4 Landscapes
    Remove from package,hook to garden hose,aim 10 ft.flex lines w/pin holes any direction. Turn on facuet.Used out/or indoors,green houses,gardens,flowers.Owner selling trademark,logo,patant.Selling entire product,assembly commercial rights etc.75k or best.

  • Nano Tech Patent Portfolio For Sale
    We are looking to sell our portfolio of three nanotechnology patents. We are looking to recoup our investment in the intellectual property. We have been approached by patent litigators to purchase the patent but we want to see this on the market.

  • Unique Us/eu Patent 7,529,561 For Sale.
    Patent on an Electronic Chain-of-Custody process. Supply Chain Security Logistics Monitoring. Securing Military, Defence Assets, Explosives, Dangerous Goods, High Value Merchandise. Monitoring Real Time Live On Land-On Rail-On Sea-On Air 24x7 Global.

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