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We currently have ads in Florida Golf Magazine, Cascade Golf, Arizona Links as well as local print ads.  We are a start up  however have a pending multimillion dollar contract with a major organization who reaches in their catalog and stores, as well as partnership agreements with Target, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond....Dicks, Sports Authority among others exceeds 100,000,000 consumers and end users a year.  If the contract is signed, we have a packaging company who will produce a machine for high production and a fulfillment company who ships and warehouses.  We are currently involved in various other projects and just haven't given this remarkable, game changing product the TLC that is deserves and requires.   The response and reception at trade shows as well as feedback from customers is amazing.  These tees are truly changing people's game and with the science and technology and extensive product testing, we are confident that this product can easily sell millions of units per year.  The profit margins are huge, and the performance golf tee segment of the industry is the only portion that continues to grow.  Led by Zero Friction and the Brushed -T, we offer better data and results in an exploding segment of the market.