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I'm just a mom with two children trying to sell my idea that I believe will change the way that we feel about having to wear crutches! When my 10 year old daughter Zoe broke her toe and was told she would have to wear crutches for 6 weeks she was devastated because she knew that they were "ugly" and didn't match any of her clothes! She is at that age wear appearance is everything to fit in at school and she thought the other kids would make fun of her! So, we designed her new crutches with pink zebra print and all the kids loved them and more importantly they made her feel better about having to wear crutches! Her doctor told me that I should patent this idea because somebody else will! So I did! He told me that knows for a fact that my crutches would be a big hit in his office! Now I just need to find a company that wants to buy my patented idea because I have no way to manufacture them myself! I have named them "Kool Krutches" and all children do think that they are "cool!"



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I am a stay at home mom of two. I am 45 years old and my life is my children! I will do anything for them!