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Water Soluble/Dissolvable Tape Filled with Paint Stripper

The Tape is made from PVOH soluble film (Much the same as the soluble plastic you find on a dishwasher soap tablet or the new laundry soap ‘PODS’) but filled with paint stripper.   I would like to License my patented Idea/product in Individual fields of use or as a Whole. There is nothing like it on the market - not even close. It makes using Paint stripper Safe, Faster, Biodegradable, much more Cost Effective, and brings it into a few fields of use (or Industries) that could not use stripper in the past. Some fields or Industries of use are DOT painted Line removal, Swimming Pools, Graffiti, Construction Renovation, Retail (furniture and antiques), Automotive, and Aviation.

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I own a Sandblasting company and another company which funds My patents. I am on my 6th Patent