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Misty Sprinkler Water Saver 4 Landscapes
Remove from package,hook to garden hose,aim 10 ft.flex lines w/pin holes any direction. Turn on facuet.Used out/or indoors,green houses,gardens,flowers.Owner selling trademark,logo,patant.Selling entire product,assembly commercial rights etc.75k or best.


Offering  a wide variety of irrigation idea for multiple area to water saving water, saving time watering with my devices and allowing home owners to manage landscapes without attending. Misty Sprinkler is just a tip of the ice berg of ideas to take it to levels with small pumps and timers. These ideas are small and compact as ell as easy to use.

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Am a individual with much potential very creative to exspand life for what it may bring.  Very energetic, serious inquires are needed. Thanks.