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Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield
Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield is designed to protect the nose area from harmful ultraviolet sunrays. The device can be attached to a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses and use as an advertisement platform for Company, Sport and Personal events.


This invention was conceived due to a personal experience with skin cancer, the nose, the facial region, most susceptible for the development of melanoma.

This devise should help many people protect themselves against the accumulative efects af ultraviolet sunrays.

This devise can also be use as a promotional platform and advertisement, by inserting Company, Sport or personal logos in any color, in the front of the solar shield.

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I am a manufacturing supervisor in the rum business. I supervise the quality preparation of the most exquisite rum in the industry. Don Q rums by Serralles fammilly.

Formerly a US Army Oficer.

University degree in Science.