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“When I read about how you had helped inventors in the newspaper I knew it would help me get in front of the right companies but I never expected that it would open as many doors as it has for me. Thank you very much.”
-Grace B, Illinois

“Listing my patent on idea buyer has become not only a lead generator but a negotiating tool as well when I'm talking to companies. There is a sense of urgency to get the deal done because they know others are getting in contact with me as well and we work through things much quicker now.”
- Jason L., Ohio

“The resources are great, the marketplace is great, and the service is great. Thank you.”
- Tom H., New York

“I was impressed with how quickly my listing was responded to and how quick it all progressed. Thanks for making it all happen.”
- Lisa N., Georgia

“..and I am so happy I didn't put this off. I would have been searching for a company to license my first invention for months I'm sure. Now I'm on the third. All I can say is thank you.”
-Jane C., Texas