"A Foot in the Door" — Company Contact Workbook

The help you need to find the right companies to contact, and guidelines for creating the information to contact them with. To speak with a representative, you can call us at 832-683-1527 or email us at contactus@ideabuyer.com

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This Hard-Copy Bound Workbook Includes:

This Comprehensive Workbook for ONLY $39.99!

This workbook is designed to guide you through the steps you need to take to make contact with companies, regarding the sale or license of your patent. Complete with sample and template documents, "A Foot in the Door" will help you prepare professional documents to send to companies in order to generate interest in your product.

Company Contact Guidelines - Learn which companies to contact, and how to best make contact with the individuals who can help you.

Pitch Letter Guidelines - Come across as a professional and be treated with respect because of the introduction you make to companies you contact.

Briefing Document Guidelines - Generate interest through a properly written briefing document.

Contact Management Forms - Keep track of your contacts and conversations properly.