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This page is here to provide you with the information you need to bring an automotive product to market.

Are you looking to license or sell your new automotive product invention?

Are you looking to see it distributed on the shelves of major automotive retailers? If so, this tutorial on licensing an automotive product invention should be helpful to you.

Licensing an automotive product requires a lot of in depth market research as there are a multitude of both small and large players in the industry. Depending upon whether or not your product is an OEM product or an aftermarket product will have a huge impact on the amount of time it can take you to bring your automotive product to market. Large automotive companies such as Ford often move very slow in reviewing new products due to the sheer size of their infrastructure.

However, smaller, independent aftermarket automotive product companies can often make decisions on whether or not to license or distribute your product very quickly. Think of the two differences as an RV or a Mini Cooper. The RV can haul more weight but it cannot make the quick turns that a smaller car can make.

Here are the next steps you should take if you have a new automotive product idea.

There are SEVEN steps to licensing your automotive product idea:

  1. Find out if your idea is patentable
  2. Find out if there is a market for your product
  3. Have your product designed and prototyped
  4. File for patent protection
  5. Conduct market research to identify key contacts
  6. Develop Presentation Materials
  7. Begin pitching your product to the companies you identified in step 5.

Need Help?

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Selling or Licensing an Automotive Product Video:

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