Method for tracking and processing passengers and their transported articles.

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A method for tracking and handling people and articles at an airport using Radio-Frequency Identification ("RFID") tags. The RFID tag contains an electronic microchip with a memory portion, permanently attached to a substrate having a planar antenna. Each RFID tag is tuned to operate at a specific frequency and includes a unique identifier number stored in the memory portion. Passenger-specific information, such as passenger name, address and flight itinerary may be sent to the microchip for storage in the memory portion by means of an RF field provided by an external "scanner" device. The scanner also provides a means for reading data stored in the memory portion of the microchip. The RFID tag is small, rugged, and unobtrusive, allowing it to be applied to passenger articles and documents, allowing for more efficient check-in, automated tracking of articles, theft prevention, and increased security.