"Bug Eyes" is a optical targeting sensor based on insect eyes. Instead of having one optical sensor for targeting, "Bug Eyes" have multiple "optical targeting sensor" in one sensor to detect, target, and destroyed enemies.

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Posted by Jordan Vidrine under Government Technology

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"Bug Eyes" Optical Targeting Sensor is a optical targeting sensor based on insect eyes or "Bug Eyes". Instead of having one optical targeting sensor for detecting, targeting, and destroying enemies.

 One "Bug Eyes" Optical Targeting Sensor have multiple (20 to 100) Individual Optical Targeting Sensors or (I.O.T.S.) with (F.L.I.R.) and Artifical Intelligence Targeting Computer or (A.I.T.C.) to indentify, target, and destroy multiple enemies at once.

"Bug Eyes" have application in the civilian world such as surveillance monitoring of large change stores, such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc. and monitoring bridges or places of interest for terrorist possible targets thrawthing their evil plans.