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“When I read about how you had helped inventors in the newspaper I knew it would help me get in front of the right companies but I never expected that it would open as many doors as it has for me. Thank you very much.”
-Grace B, Illinois

“Listing my patent on idea buyer has become not only a lead generator but a negotiating tool as well when I'm talking to companies. There is a sense of urgency to get the deal done because they know others are getting in contact with me as well and we work through things much quicker now.”
- Jason L., Ohio

“The resources are great, the marketplace is great, and the service is great. Thank you.”
- Tom H., New York

“I was impressed with how quickly my listing was responded to and how quick it all progressed. Thanks for making it all happen.”
- Lisa N., Georgia

“..and I am so happy I didn't put this off. I would have been searching for a company to license my first invention for months I'm sure. Now I'm on the third. All I can say is thank you.”
-Jane C., Texas

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  • Attention!!!! New Hair Care Product!
    Hair and scalp conditioning process.

  • Patent Granted: Store Dvd 's Digitally
    Patent granted in Australia and China, filed and pending in another 25 countries including Europe and USA. Residential Media Servers are no longer limited to content delivery and playback because of copy protection and digital rights management systems.

  • Alert Buddy Will Ad Safety And Security
    Once the Alert Buddy application is activated on your homes' entire online experiences, the safety and security of all users will be realized. No more missed medication times; no more being oblivious to ones surroundings; communication by all.

  • Pet Grief Plush
    Have you ever lost a pet, your best friend? We all have, And the one missing pet market product is a grief aid that is not an urn, magnet, or headstone/stepping stone. Meet Max, the Mutt, sent back from the bridge by your best-friend, to get you through