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“When I read about how you had helped inventors in the newspaper I knew it would help me get in front of the right companies but I never expected that it would open as many doors as it has for me. Thank you very much.”
-Grace B, Illinois

“Listing my patent on idea buyer has become not only a lead generator but a negotiating tool as well when I'm talking to companies. There is a sense of urgency to get the deal done because they know others are getting in contact with me as well and we work through things much quicker now.”
- Jason L., Ohio

“The resources are great, the marketplace is great, and the service is great. Thank you.”
- Tom H., New York

“I was impressed with how quickly my listing was responded to and how quick it all progressed. Thanks for making it all happen.”
- Lisa N., Georgia

“..and I am so happy I didn't put this off. I would have been searching for a company to license my first invention for months I'm sure. Now I'm on the third. All I can say is thank you.”
-Jane C., Texas

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  • Successful 15 Lb Watercraft, Next Gen
    AQUASCOOTER, gas powered 15 lb Personal Watercraft that can run submerged. Based on an East Germans idea to escape to a Danish Light Ship 15 miles offshore. Recently featured on the TV show "Mysteries In The Museum" Next generation in the works

  • Best Bike Lock Ever Made, Worth Mega $
    Hello, I'm the co inventor of the best bicycle lock and cable made today and is the most secure and easiest to use lock out there today. Also the revolutionary cables unique design will have many offshoots.

  • Perfect Pendulum Device
    Bowling practice brace. With the use of a progressive hinge this elbow brace locks the elbow joint and forces a bowling competitor to swing his/her arm in a straight line or pendulum. This is necessary for an individual to hit the target consistently.

    please take a look at the on line then click on video, the video is about 3 minutes long

  • Revolutionary New Sports Watch
    The "FUSION" watch allows the user the flexibility to position (based on which finger and side of the hand) the watch in any manner that fits with their individual running form and/or desired sport, including outside of gloves for winter activities.

  • The Tackle Buddy
    The Tackle Buddy is a product that makes fishing less work and more fun. If your tired of dragging a huge tackle box around while walking and fishing around the banks of a lake the patent pending Tackle Buddy is for you!

  • Power Driver- Golf Shoe Insoles
    A golf shoe insole that sets a golfer up in proper position & keeps them in position during swing, resulting in straighter more powerful golf shots. Can be worn for practice or during a round of golf. Inexpensive to make and big mark up for retail.

  • Sports Body Flag
    Wearable Sports Advertisement Accessory designed to display customized messages during athletic activity. Unlike a flag you see on a car, this is the first "body flag" of its kind.

  • Surfing Wetsuits With Hydration Bladder
    FOR SALE: This product design is a surfing wetsuit with a built in hydration bladder. This gives the user easy access to drinking water or other beverage while they are out on the water whether surfing, body boarding, paddle boarding, kayaking etc...