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-Jane C., Texas

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Electronics & Gadgets By Listing Type

  • Digital License Plate
    A digital license plate owned by individual states, flashing various messages.

  • Belt / Tutor.
    Belt / tutor. A wireless device to help our children to allways buckle up.

  • $$$new Universal Portable Charger Case$$
    Energy run a portable charger case for all device. Using the powermat technology on the go rubber made to protect your phone

  • Cellular Phone Case/skin Loop Handle
    A simple addition to a cellular phone case or skin that acts as a holder for a finger or fingers. It is situated in a loop fashion on the back of the phone. Can be pliable rubber or ribbon material run through or secured to the case. Patent US D675,197S

  • Fire Prevention Tech With Human Factor
    Here is a preventive innovation technology for cooking! The Firing Alarm Pager is a reminder electronic chronometer with function to trigger an audible alarm at intervals in order to inform the cook to monitor the cooking fire on cooker or risk appliance

  • It's Not Just A Television Anymore!
    This combined video phone and television set will revolutionize communications as we know them. It will bring together all peoples of the world for purposes of family, friendship, education, compassion, love and ecology.

  • Water Sense Irrigation Feeding Systems

  • Timed Water Sprayer For Plants!
    a device that has a timer you can set to spray water for your plants.

  • $84 B Worldwide Electronics Costs!!
    Adding a conductive polymer or similar material to the leading edge of connectors can add an RC time constant to bring both host and peripheral devices to the same potential to protect expensive, critical equipment without causing an ESD event.

  • Rc Self Compensated Electronic Filter
    Innovative 2° order biquad/universal continuous time analog active filters type resonant using active full self-compensation techniques to improve the frequency range, the stability and/or the selectivity at a very low cost. **For Sale or Licensing**

  • 3 Phase Dimmer
    Brief description: Apparatus that vary the speed of three phase electromotor from zero to maximum by triac (even high power) and electromotor will spin softly.

  • Roll Bag Locking Strap
    The roll bag locking strap is a device that identifies and protects your luggage from theft at airports.

  • Bird And Animal Strike Deterrent
    This invention will deter birds from getting to close to any airplane wail in flight.also can be installed on the runways before the plane ever take off. effectively allowing a safe flight.and would be a very important safety device that will save lives.

  • Dc Electrical Connector
    An inline electrical connector that requires no tools other than pliers. Makes crimps, crimping tools, soldering irons etc. obsolete. Can be waterproof and very strong. Connection is faster, easier and safer. Patented, Trademarked, Design Registered.

  • Universal Wireless Portable Charger Case
    The same rubber Protecting casing on your phone is now a charger casing

  • Mobile Electronic Device Protector
    Mobile Electronic Device Protector (Mobile bumper)United States Patent No.US D702,696S.This patent was granted to me on the 15th of April 2014.

  • Voicecards Contain Your Voice Message
    VoiceCards contain the Senders voice message and are created over the telephone, smart phones, on-line over the Internet, or in person at a retail store. When the Recipient receives the card they just squeeze it and will hear the Senders voice message.

  • Pocket Size Quad Pod For Smartphones.
    This is a pocket size 4 leg pod for your smartphone.The leg spread is greater than 4 1/2". The clamp holds at approximately 1 1/2 pounds of force. The clamp swivels 360 degrees and tilts at approximately 10 degrees. The legs fold up for compactness.