Low- Resistance Deep Earth Grounding as deep as 150 feet.Provides a stable electrical environment.Lightning, Electrical surges,and static electricity can do extensive damage to your equipment.

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Income generating!! Method of deep earth grounding is provided. The method includes positioning a power driver at a site, the power driver comprising a frame and an impact hammer operatively connected to the frame, adjusting placement of the impact hammer, raising the impact hammer, driving at least one or more grounding rods down into the ground at the site using the hammer, testing resistance, and determining if at least one or more additional a power driver device is provided. The power driver device may include a frame having vertical members extending from top to bottom and horizontal members, the horizontal members extending away from the vertical members at the bottom such that the frame is an open frame; guide rails operative connected to the frame. The device may also include an impact hammer operatively connected to the guide rails and moveable along the guide rails, and a hand crank assembly operatively connected to the frame and configured for raising the guide rails and the impact hammer up and down along the frame used with Bentonite Chips.