A Natural, Fast acting, Liquid that is taken whenever Migraine headache symptoms occur. The product works in about 30 minutes for most people and has no side effects. Manufactured product has a minimum 18 month verified shelf life.

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This Natural Migraine relief product was formulated to help the 25 million people who suffer from Migraines. Their is currently nothing else as effective on the market today The product is currently manufactured in 2oz bottles and is taken whenever symptoms occur. Most people find complete relief within 30 minutes and are able to go about their normal activities.

Unlike most prescription options, there are no side effects! The small bottles can easily be kept in a purse, drawer or glove box without refrigeration. The current verified shelf life after the manufacturing date is 18 months.

The product is currently manufactured in 2oz liquid bottles and works great this way but the patented formulation of the active ingredients can also be manufactured in other ways such as concentrated drops that are added to a favorite drink or in liquid capsules.