Method to retrieve temperature, barometric pressure, and molecular constituent densities vs altitude from ground to top of atmosphere.

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 This Patent No. 9,335,258 methodology is much less complex and costly than methods currently in use (aircraft , satellites , scientific teams , specialized calibrated instrumentation), also possibly more accurate in most cases  with lower potential for contamination to data results than current complex and costly methods (referenced below).
 The precision of molecular density retrieval achieved using this patented methodology depends on the accuracy of air temperature (T degK) and barometric pressure (P mbar) along the viewing path at the time of the spectroscopy measurement. This concurrent atmospheric temperature and pressure profile condition (T,P data along the viewing path from ground to top of atmosphere) can be retrieved using this same patented methodology, and then used for optimum precision in the molecular density retrieval process. This added capability of real-time measurement of T,P along the actual path up through the atmosphere to improve molecular constituent profile retrieval precision is a significant step forward in capability provided by this patented methodology.
Patent No. 9,335,258 may additionally be used to revisit older spectral data archives to examine trends over time in temperatures and molecular constituent concentrations (ground to top of atmosphere). 
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  Hanley, S.T. (2013). System and Method of Retrieving Mass Density Distributions and Thermal Profiles From The Atmosphere to Identify Molecular Constituents that May Absorb Spectral Energy.  Utility under 35 USC 111 Application Number 14200236 . 

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 The figure in the photo page shows an H2O profile result retrieved with this patented methodology for a layered profile condition that differs significantly from typical or average Mid-Latitude water vapor conditions. The solid line shows actual H2O profile and the data points (*) were retrieved solely from the absorption spectrum detail. Profile results for other constituent molecules (CO2, CH4, O3, etc.) are available upon request. Software to perform profile search and retrieval from measurement spectra may be included in the license or sale of this patent.
Further examples of molecular profiles retrieved using Patent No. 9,335,258 and description of methodology may be obtained through my representative contact below :
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