New USA patent 7,324,408 B2 RSA patent 2006/02979 (VEROREP) prevents rodent damage to automobiles engine compartments.

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Rodent damage to a vehicle’s engine compartment is a major and costly problem to owners - especially of pick-up trucks and SUVs. I would specifically refer you, for example, to the following comments made by owners of vehicles on this thread at:


This patent is an environment friendly means of repelling rodents from the engine compartment and indirectly from the interior of vehicles. The prototype consists of a control box and ultrasonic transducers which creates a “repellent” zone by emitting complex ultrasonic sound waves.


It eliminates “shadow areas” (where rodents can hide) and the problem of pests being immune to a particular frequency by varying the pulse.

Linking to the vehicle’s ignition system ensures the unit is activated when switched off.

This patent concept is an opportunity to enhance product offering and drive business to stores. It is a cross-OEM manufacturer opportunity - it applies to all OEM vehicles at low cost yet delivers long term value to your customers. Suitable for developing as own brand based on exclusive patent ownership or franchising/licensing.

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