The "Hanging Sign" Patent #D581985 issued December 2nd. 2008 for term of 14 yr. Will change the automobile "for sale" sign industry. View at Terms available. Contact Hanging Sign at; POBx 3347 Beaumont, CA. 92223.

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Posted by Kenneth Spratt under Automotive

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The "Hanging Sign" has an integral hook on the top for hanging a "for sale" sign on the rear view mirror of a motor vehicle as well as on the visor for side view. Will cross industries well.  Such as retail for announcing sales on individual racks and displays. Could be hung from a door knob to announce a "wet floor" or "out of order", on a window latch to display "open" 'closed" or "hours". Auto dealerships could hang it on the rear view mirror to identify auots for "repair" or "service". Invest now for write-offs in April!