Scientifically tested and proven high performance bubble level golf tees.proven to gain more yards and improve trajectory. Will outlive traditional tees by 10 fold. We own the molds for the standard size as well as the XL as well as a 3 in 1 divot tool.

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A turn key operation where we will sell all intellectual property rights as well as trademark for the leveling putter where we have a mold to create as needed.  We also have a 3 in 1 divot tool, various molds that can produce millions of tees based on cavity life.  Our ecommerce website is state of the art and that will also be a part of the sale in addition to the current inventory if sold would profit about 50k just from current inventory.  The site is      Our manufacturer also has the ability to customize the lettering and change colors from the standard white, pink, or green tees.  We recently filled a custom order for ESPN.  We have also agreed to terms with a multi billion dollar retailer who has partnerships with Home Shopping Network and a catalog that boasts 80 million worldwide annually.