Bowling practice brace. With the use of a progressive hinge this elbow brace locks the elbow joint and forces a bowling competitor to swing his/her arm in a straight line or pendulum. This is necessary for an individual to hit the target consistently.

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Posted by Daniel Gaulke under Sports & Entertainment

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The brace utilizes a upper and forearm trough connected with a proprietary progressive hinge.  It is affixed to the arm with velcro straps and allows for a full range of motion up to 180 degrees.  This allows a bowler to go through his/her pushaway motion and deliver an in line shot.  The hinge can them be set into a "free wheel" motion before the individual is ready to shoot again.  This brace allows a competitor to repeat accurate shots and develop muscle memory in a short period of time.  The device has been tested with positive results.  A professional prototype has been assembled and all components, for production, are in place.  The device is in a patent pending status.  It is my desire to selll these rights.