The Write 'n Slide Dry Erase System is a reconfigurable, multi-panel dry erase board developed for planning events (staff meetings, worship services, educational lesson plans, etc.); and tracking information (names of students, regular maintenance, etc

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In nearly every business, school or church you will find a dry erase board. They are used to capture ideas, display information, organize data - the uses are unlimited. But what happens if you need to plan a month's worth of agendas for your weekly staff meeting? With a standard dry erase board, you would have to erase and recopy your information to another portion of the board as weeks go by or have your meeting agendas out of order on the board.

That's where the Write 'n Slide™ dry erase system comes in handy. With a Write 'n SlideTM dry erase system, you can simply erase the panel containing your agenda once your meeting is over, remove the newly blank panel, slide the remaining panels to the left and place the blank panel in the empty spot on the far right. The blank panel is now ready for you to begin capturing agenda items for your staff meeting four weeks in advance.

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