The invention is based on the concept of a brick wall in which brick-shaped elements, consisting of a tough inner core and a flexible outer casing, are bolted together to an extremely hard-to-penetrate wall/shell unit.

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The invention is directed to a building structure which is made from bricks. Each of the bricks has a core of tough material like - but not limited to - metal, which is embedded in rubberized casing. Each brick is of conventional size and has a plurality of apertures extending through the brick. Each aperture aligns with an aperture in the core, and the apertures in the core are threaded so a fastener can be placed into the apertures to secure the bricks together.

The objective of the invention is to offer a new and improved building structure which provides superior rigidity and radiation protection and which can be assembled without mortar and easily disassembled if required.

The invention is a superior approach to the building of

* earthquake-, hurricane/tornado/-, fire and terror-safe homes, commercial buildings, bridges, dams, command/operations centers, bunkers, airplane hangars, and explosion-deflecting barriers;

* radiation barriers and safe radiation (waste) storage facilities;

*  ship and vehicle armor.

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