A totally self contained unit the size of a smoke detector that does not require programming nor does it rely on weatherband of any kind. We have marketed the unit and sold everything we had. Our warning times have been as much as 90 minutes

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This product is totally self contained does not rely on weather band nor does it take any kind of programming. It has been on the market for 4-5 years and has a full patent. We have had many major companies wanting it in their outlets magazine wholesalers and companies trying to buy our patent. If you would like more information please feel free to contact me at     I would be more than happy to discuss this in great detail with you.  The information and possibilities with this unit is immeasurable . Our field response with the units that we have sold is great.  This is one of these products that has such great potential that it cannot be explained nearly enough.  Thank You  Michael D. Collins  co/inventor/owner