The Valley Hook- patent pending (US20150327525 A1)is a Tie Less fish hook which eliminates the need for an angler to tie his/her hook onto the fishing line. The Valley crook could also be incorporated with lures.

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The Valley Hook is today's fish hook. It eliminates the need for an angler to have to go through the rigerous knot tieing, twisting, and looping protocol to attach a fish hook to the line. With the Valley Hook, you simply make one knot on your fish line, and cut off the excess line. Then you hold the line making a loop with the knot side down, and put the Valley Hook thru the loop so the line can enter the valley's crook, pull the line so it snaps into the valley, and make one loop around pulling the line into the valley's crook for security... This takes about 8 seconds to complete, and pretty much anybody who can cast a pole, can do this with ease. New anglers, old anglers, women and children will be able to fish without having to have someone around to tie their hook to the line, and no glasses needed! The hook has been rigerously tested, catching blue gill, perch, and as shown in the video - nice size catfish. 

   The Valley Hook's crook design could also be incorporated with fishing lures to make them tie less as well. In 2012, a brand name fishing supply company sold 700 million "single" hooks, and that was just one company!