A wall bed assembly having an improved bedframe, and improved wall cabinet and a bed frame which can be used in a customized wall bed cabinet.

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A Wall Bed assembly including a wall cabinet and a bed frame. The bed frame is pivoted from a vertical, stored position within the wall cabinet to a horizontal position for use as a bed. The bed frame is connected to the wall cabinet with a pivot bracket secured to the bed frame which pivotally attaches to the lower end of a counterbalancing piston. The upper end of the counterbalancing piston is pivitally secured to a plate that attaches to the wall cabinet side panel. Additinally, the bed frame includes a pair of non-linear legs pivitally attached for supporting the frame in the horizontal position. The wall bed assembly also includes retractable magnets for securing the bed frame in the vertical position. A safety release position is also provided. A bed frame assembly for a customizable wall cabinet is also provided.