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Ball Yall was created with the purpose to allow all American sports fans to write about sports issues/engage in sports issues inside of a creative platform, and with one another.  Fans can also listen to sports news & information raps, rhymes and commentaries through Ball Yall - - this audio conduit represents a highly creative, groundbreaking and purposeful way to engage in the American sports issues of our time.  Ball Yall can play a tremendously powerful and unique role in the world of sports news and social media - between users of Ball Yall.

Ball and Yall/Y’all are commonly heard words across the U.S. and put together – the phrase represents very powerful linguistic, social, cultural, mental and athletic connotations used by Americans of all backgrounds in all kinds of varying, verbal settings.  It is a phrase that carries absolute direction, hope and meaning.  Ball Yall is a commonly understood social and sports cultural phrase which carries with it commonly understood, subjective, cultural and emotional association.  It links perfectly with sports.