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Earl Bennett of GT Seat Belt Extenders

Persistence, patience, and perspiration have paid off for long-time inventor, Earl Bennett in the form of his latest product, the GT Seat Belt Extender.

Bennett says his inspiration for inventing comes from Willy Wonka. “Wonka said inventing is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple. That’s 105% my way of thinking”.

After years of tinkering and inventing, Bennett has produced a product with mass appeal that is moving off the shelves – a seat belt extender. Bennett solved the problems that other similar products were having and built the first prototype in 2004.

Bennett’s seat belt extender initially caught the attention of an entrepreneur who backed the original order that is now being distributed through KOI Automotive, as well as directly to consumers on

While the product’s original purpose was to eliminate size and shape discrimination of people, it has caught the attention of police officers and firefighters who have began buying them by the case. These professionals are a large contribution to the already 70,000 in circulation.

The high response KOI has received about Bennett’s product has forced the company to hire a full-time employee to focus solely on the GT Seat Belt Extender.

With another order for 40,000 units in place, Bennett’s infomercial below has begun airing on Spike TV and Lifetime Television in test markets in preparation for national airing.

Click Play to view the commercial:

Sales are expected at more than 10 million units next year, leaving Bennett with a pleasing return well over 100%.However, Bennett doesn’t plan on stopping. “Right now I’m publishing a book – The Legend of Bucky the Beaver. It’s an inspirational book for children that teaches them never to give up.”Bennett’s advice for inventors is the same as it is for children in his new book, “If you have something that you believe in, then take it all the way.”

You can order a seat belt extender at Investors are also encouraged to contact Bennett if they are interested in future projects.

His contact information is available upon written request to

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  1. joseph m. Says:

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