The Average Cost of Getting A Trademark

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Every trademark is words that are distinct, which may be logos, pictures, motto, that are well used to identify the product. These trademarks are capable of being protected under the Federal sate and also a law. Such federal registration offers maximum protection, says. According to a research from, trademark fees are always broken to number of distinct parts namely filing fees, fees of an attorney, and fees for a trademark. Lets now what advises you about the average cost of attaining a trademark.

Usually it costs roughly around $280-$380 if filed through paper to attain a single trademark sign for a set of products with USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Online submission of papers may reduce the cost little extent.

Average Cost of Getting a Trademark

Average Cost of Getting a Trademark

Trademark applications can also be filed through online forms that are present in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Still extending more, many commercial vendors are available in the market that process and gather the information to place your application in the right place whenever necessary. But this kind of process eventually increases the fee. Those individuals who would like to hire an attorney, normal charges shall be requested.

Filing fee for a single trademark sign in single class may be $325 or $375. Searching of trade mark may take around $400 – $600. If you are round through an attorney, the fees for a trademark opinion shall be around $500-$1000. And further, the fee for Trademark filing application will be from $1000 to $1500.

It is very much important to note that any person can start the trademark application work. It is much important to realize that a single trademark application is filed without making a search. But still a search and opinion is preferred. Further more, a trademark search lets you to gather information if others is using similar trademarks when compared with you. Additional costs are often charged by the government attorney, says, when he reviews the application and decide whether the trademark can be registered or not.

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