Who Invented Electricity

Who Invented ElectricityA common question among Americans is, “Who Invented Electricity?“. Electricity is energy generated by the flow of electrons. Electricity is a part of nature and was not ‘invented’ in the normal sense of the word. However, hundreds of inventors and scientists have contributed to the development of devices and machines to harness the power and benefits of electricity.

The first principles of electricity began with Benjamin Franklin and his famous experiment with a kite and key during a storm in Philadelphia. However, it was not until the invention of the electric light bulb that electricity began changing people’s lives.

List of People Who Invented Electricity:

Benjamin Franklin – Discovered basic principles of electricity with his famous key and kit experiment during a storm.
Joseph Henry – Invented the first electric generator in 1832.
Nikola Tesla – Invented the first alternating current generator in 1892 and invented a large number of electric based devices that continue to be used in our daily lives.
Thomas Edison – Credited with inventing the first electric light bulb. He is also the inventor of the direct current electric generator.
J.J. Thomson – An English Physicist who discovered the electron.

Summary of Who Invented Electricity

Due to the fact the electricity is a part of nature, its invention cannot be credited to one man or group. However, hundreds of inventors and scientists can be credited with critical developments of electric based inventions that we now utilize in our daily lives.