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Simple Eyewear Caddy For Cars And Home
Eyewear caddy holds Rx and sunglasses securely to the corner of a car windshield or bathroom mirror. Prevents your expensive glasses from getting scuffed as they slide across the dashboard! No more sitting on your frames!


Next Gen Zip Tie


Zip ties, while originally invented to speed cable bundling, have found their way into a many aspects of our lives because they are effective, convenient, and perhaps tougher and more weather resistant than twine. One company last year molded 10 billion cable ties!

A problem with cable ties is that most are disposable - you have to cut them to remove them. There are reusable cable ties, but they are cumbersome to release.

The zip tie design offered here uses a "side open" design, rather than a window, to bound the strap portion of the tie. There are number of design options here, as indicated in the attached illustrations. The "side open" design permits easy engagement and disengagement of the strap in use.

Compound tooling for production isn't necessary, and undercuts, as they exist in certain design options, are minimal. Specific "side open" zip tie designs will be matched with polymers / elastomers that meet the required hardness/flexibility and other requirements for that design.