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Substrate Sheet With Removable Strip
Now your ideas can now be expressed on paper in the neatest, cleanest, and most convenient way ever. With Elis Self-Binding Paper you can present information without any bulky binders, cumbersome paper clips, or ugly staples. This revolutionary


A composite assembly for assembling documents and including a substrate sheet, and adhesive layer, and a release liner disposed over the adhesive layer. To assemble a document, the pages of the document are printed on the substrate sheets, the substrate sheets are ordered and aligned, the release liners are removed by the a portion of the release liner overlaying a removed tab being grasped and pulled to peel the release liners from the adhesive layers, and the pages are bonded together by pressure.  

My Resume / About Me

Elijah Abron, Jr.
4018 Brookdale Dr.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
Cell Phone: (612) 321-1050
Email: eabron@msn.com
I am especially interested in this position because my 35 years of 
Maintenance experience has prepared me for a challenging position such as this. In reading through my resume you will find extensive knowledge in the Maintenance field I'm looking forward to using this experience to enhance this position.
1999 United Electric - PLC 500 Training
1998 Allen Bradley - Drive Training in PA
1994 - 1995 University of Minnesota - Athletic
Minneapolis, MN
1997 Fincor Drive Class- Drive Training
1968 - 1970 Allied Institute Two year course for
1413 South Michigan Electronic Technician
Chicago, IL
1967 - 1967 Washburn Trade School Small Appliance repair Electrical and Electronic
Chicago, IL
1965 - 1966 Cregier Vocational Trade Machinists
Chicago, IL
2009 – 2011 Longview Development
7119 Bobtail Dr.
Shreveport, LA 71129
Valentine Lewis
Home Rehab:
Work in all phases of home repair.
Install and replaced Window, Doors, Heaters, Sheet rocking, Room additions, Plumbing, Electrical.
2006 – 2009 Thiele Technologies, Inc.
103 Osborne Road
Minneapolis, MN 55432

Field Service Technician:

  • Experienced, factory-trained technicians
    • Machine installation
    • Emergency service
    • Machinery updates
    • Regular maintenance
  • As a technician, I travel throughout the United States.
  • Strong electro-mechanical aptitude.
  • Experience with Microsoft Windows programs.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Electrical, mechanical and controls troubleshooting, feeders and mailing equipment.
  • Experience with casepacker and shrink wrappers, cartoner, and packaging equipment.
  • Streamfeeder Technician.

Desired Skills MS Windows XP, MS Windows 2003 Server, Rockwell RSView, Rockwell RSLinx, RockWell RSLogix. 

2003 - 2006 Hutchinson Technology
5905 Trenton Lane North
Plymouth, MN 55442-3237
Phone: 763-519-6200
Maintenance Technician
Job Description:
Troubleshoot and repair production equipment. Equipment Installation, 
Start-up and shutdown. Perform predictive and preventative maintenance on 
Equipment. Create, optimize and maintain preventative maintenance and work 
Procedures. Control documentation applicable to equipment, i.e. Manuals, 
Files, PM's, and work instructions. Substitute for vacant positions as 
Necessary. Create, optimize, and maintain critical spares list. Maintain all 
Necessary tools, parts, hardware, software, documentation, etc. Attend 
Meetings as necessary. Enter and retrieve data and reports via CMMS. 
Interact with maintenance personnel, engineering, outside sources, etc., for 
information necessary for the proper completion of assigned work to meet or 
exceed company specifications or governing codes. Other duties as requested.
Include troubleshooting and repairing production equipment such as; 
Automated cleaners, vacuum plasma systems, vision systems, and chemical 
milling process equipment, electro-mechanical processing and tool room 
Equipment. As well as preventative maintenance and equipment modifications 
In a fast paced work environment. Knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics, 
Electronics and electrical systems. Motion controls, robotics, automated 
Photo etch processing,
Prevented Maintenance, AS 400 maintenance software, hard drive component 
Calibration of controls, Machine upgrades, Electrical trouble shooting, 
Chiller systems, Air compressor, Drive controls,
Ph levers testing, robot arm calibrations, building maintenance.
Shakopee Valley Printing (American Color Graphic)
1999 - 2003 5101 S. Valley Industrial Blvd.
Shakopee, MN 55379-1821
(952) 445-5800
Supervisor: Rick Foth
Electrical Technician
Building electrical repair, automated control system for printing press and 
Bindery equipment, Allen Bradley PLC and Seimmem Drive convoy systems, 
Folders, box sealers, glue machines, Goss community, C700 & 500 presses, Goss 4 hi and 
Camera room equipment. Installation, troubleshooting, mechanical, 
Electrical, pneumatic and preventative maintenance. All aspects of 
Maintenance of production equipment and support equipment.
Banta Catalog
1998 - 1999 
7301 Kilmer Lane
Maple Grove, MN
(763) 315-8100
Supervisor: Charlie Labs
Electrical Technician
Heidelberg printing press, electrical repairs and troubleshooting, building, building repair.
Electrical repair, automated control system for printing press and bindery 
Equipment, Allen Bradley PLC and Seimmem Drive convoy systems, folder, 
Preventative maintenance. Box sealers, glue machines, robot stacker arms 
Bailers, and air compressor, pollution control units, robots stacker units, 
Motion controls, robotics
Work on HVAC units and Air Handler with Honeywell controls
Shakopee Valley Printing
1995 - 1998 
5101 S. Valley Industrial Blvd.
Shakopee, MN 55379-1821
(952) 445-5800
Supervisor: Rich Foth
Electrical Technician
Building electrical repair, automated control system for printing press and 
Bindery equipment, Allen Bradley PLC and Seimmem Drive convoy systems, 
Folders, box sealers, glue machines, C700 & 500 presses, gross 4 hi and 
Camera room equipment. Roof top HVAC system, Camera equipment all press controls, (Ink keys, Baldwin Quad Tech RGS, Water fountain systems). 
Preventative maintenance
And auxiliary equipment, enterprise pollution system. All aspects of 
Maintenance of production equipment and support equipment.
1998-1999 Medical Arts Press
8500 Wyoming Ave. N.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445-1831
(763) 493-7300
Supervisor: Steven
Press Mechanic
Heidelberg press, AB Dick T Head, packing and sorting machines, small Allen 
Bradley PLC, Electronic and Electrical troubleshooting and general building 
Maintenance, GTO sheet feed press, Pako developer unit, and overhead convoy 
1/1994-3/1995 Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc.
14905 23rd Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55447-4709
(612) 473-4412
Supervisor Carl Hutchinson
Maintenance Mechanic
Main plant boiler, production line mechanic, troubleshooter of electrical 
And electronic equipment in pharmaceutical production and packing equipment. 
Broiler license. Preventative maintenance.
GMP training and update calibrating, and testing of all
Equipment and process for government criteria and making sure that all 
Criteria stay within the government standard.
11/1988 - 3/1994 American Spirit Graphics
801 SE 9th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 623-3333
Plant Manger: John Schreiber
Maintenance Engineer Supervisor
Repair, troubleshoot and maintain Baker Perkins G14, Butler Infeed and 
Unwind Stands, Toshiba, ATF, Building maintenance (plumbing, electrical, 
Carpentry), Folders, Butlers, Stackers, MMT Pollution Unit, Bailing 
Equipment, Cutters, Air Compressor (75HP), Clamp Truck, Tec Ovens, Baldwin, 
Harris Press, ISSC Programmable Controller, WPC Registration Unit, Web 
Printing Control Unit, Customer-Built Trimmer, Blava Ribbon Dock, Bindery 
Machines, Baum Folder, Polar Cutter, Rebuild Units, Stahl Folders, Muller 
Stitcher, Company PC's and Mac. Support. Supervisor six employees in plant 
Operation and equipment, overseeing spare parts inventory; preventative 
Maintenance. Building maintenance was responsible for 60 million in 
6/1987 - 11/1988 Web Coating Systems
6701 Aldrich Avenue North
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430-1625
(612) 566-4194
Owner / Operator
Research and Development on pressure Sensitive Adhesive Systems, Laminating, 
Auxiliary Print Unit, Custom Machine Design, Unwind Unit, Rewinder, Chill 
Roller, Water Base Coater, UV Coater, Tension Systems Electrical and 
Electronic Support Systems, Remoisten Glues, Slitting Units, Rotary Cutting 
Units, and was a representative for GRACO hot melt units, supervisor 20 
Employee. Have three patents relative to printing industries.
11/1983 - 11/1988 Meyers Printing Company
500 S. 3rd Street
Minneapolis, MN
Maintenance Engineer Supervisor
Maintain plant equipment, research and development on printing press, plant 
Mounting, color machine press set-up, prepress set-up, operated Mark Andy, 
Webtrons, Gallus, Heidelberg GTO 2 color, Heidelberg 72VP 4 color, Work with 
Water base inks, UV inks, coating systems, Stahl Folder, Polar Cutters, 
Rebuild, Stitcher, Laminating units, Arpeco Rewinder, Design new product, 
Design new machines for production, Supervise pressmen on how to operate new 
Equipment and new process. Increase company sale by Two Million dollars pre 
Additional Skills:
Maintenance personnel are expected to know all working functions of every 
Machine in the plant. We must be able to understand their operation both 
Mechanically and electronically. It is almost impossible for maintenance 
Person to repair a piece of equipment and not know how it operates. I have 
Been working with all types of machinery for 36 years.
Specifications: Able to change motors weighting 2 - 25 lbs.
Change company lights and fixtures
Work on HVAC units and Air Handler with Honeywell controls
Roof repair
Repair air condition unit on roof and air handling units
Repair Smog Hog and MMT
Ability to repair all printing units, which include:
Plate Cylinder
Blanket Cylinder
Brush Roller
Water Steel
Ability troubleshoot most PC and make repairs
Electrical knowledge, able to work with 12V DC to 460 V AC
Repair Chiller System, Cooling Tower and AEC units
Repair knowledge of Clamp Truck and Forklift (gas and Electrical)
Repair knowledge of Network LAN
WPC, CCR Register Control, Quad Tech RGS
Web Guides on all presses
Web Dryer Ovens
Baldwin Stacker
All Press Infeed Units
Unwind Units (Paster)
Ink Pumps System
Battery Chargers
Ink Keys
Ink Meter
Ability Specifications:
·         Continued Air Curtain
·         Roll Shaft
·         Auxiliary Chiller
·         Cut Off Controller
·         Power Dolly
·         Electric Lift Trucks
·         Sheeter - Vits and Blava
·         All Vacuum Systems within Plant
·         Toshiba Folder                          
·         MBO Bindery Folder
·         Bindery Polar Cutter
·         Toshiba Trimmers
·         Stackers
·         Chill roll Stand
·         Turn Angle Bars and Controllers
·         Toshiba, Baker and Perkins PLC's
·         Butler Paster and Stork Paster 
·         Computer Repair
·         Baldwin Blanket Washer
·         Baldwin Automix
·         Old and New Bailers
·         Plate Room Repairs (Cortron, Table, Etc.)
·         Supervisor Maintenance
·         Install New Equipment
·         Repair PA system
·         Carpentry Work
·         Plumbing
·         Register Controls
·         Color Matching
·         Plate Mounting
·         Plate Bender
·         Calibration of Ink Keys
·         Preventative Maintenance
·         PC Repair
·         Network LAN
·         Win 89/, 2000NT/XP
·         Windows NT 4.0
·         Plumbing
·         Carpentry
·         Great Leadership
·         Patent Holder