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agrohomoeopathy is emerging science in the field of organic farming. It is complete alternative system for the existing hazardous chemical fertilizers and pesticides.innovation of Homeopathic plant nutrients and protectors is big breakthrough in the field


Working on the concept of homoeopathy in agriculture for the last 38 years. Developed homoeopathic plant nutrients and plant protectors which are purely organic , a complete alternative to the existing chemical inputs and pesticides.Research done in my farms and also APagrl university and Orissa agrl university on the formulations i invented.

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BIO – DATAOFG.S.R. MURTHI. D.H.BHomoeo PhysicianSrikakulam. 1) Name               :         G. Sri Rama Chandra Murthi                                                ( G .S . R. MURTHI )   2) Date of Birth   :         2 – 2 – 1938  3) Address           :         Prasamani, MIG  95, O. Z. P. Colony                                      Srikakulam.   A.P.  532001  4) Qualification   :         1. Diploma in Electrical Engineering.(1952 – 55) 2. Diploma in Homoeopathy & Bio – 

    Chemistry (1974)

 5) Experience      :         Served in APSEB (1955 – 1963)                                      Served in South Eastern Rly. (1963 – 1983)                                      Took voluntary retirement in 1983,                                       leaving 16 years of service in pursuit of Homoeo in Agriculture.6) Other Activities:        A) Since 1973 June, Working on the concept of  Homoeo

     in Agriculture an innovative concept in organic farming.

B) Established a small scale industry “ Master      Agro Products ”  at Srikakulam in 1985.C) Establised a voluntary organisation     “Master Homoeo Agricultural Research       Station” at Srikakulam in 1990.7) Books & Articles :     Books    published                  1) 1974 – Homoeopathy at Home.                                      2) 1985 – Chronic Miasms.                                      3) 1986-   Arogya  Jeevanamu &Homoeo                                                                        prathama chikitsa  ( Telugu )                                                                                                                     4)1996- Lectures on Homoeo Philosophy by               Master Ekkirala Krishnamacharya” in               Telugu.’                                                                                           5) 2003 – Homoeopathy in Agriculture.6) 2004 -   Homoeopathy at Cattle- shed                (Under release)                                                                                    7)            Repertoy to Allen’s Key Notes.                                                      (Under publication)Many articles on “Homoeo in Agriculture” and     “ Organic farming with Homoeo” were read at many workshops & seminars, held at different places in the country.                                                             ( G. S. R. Murthi)