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Reconfigurable Multi-panel Dry Erase
The Write 'n Slide Dry Erase System is a reconfigurable, multi-panel dry erase board developed for planning events (staff meetings, worship services, educational lesson plans, etc.); and tracking information (names of students, regular maintenance, etc

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I am the Director of Worship Programming for a fairly large congregation and oversee a creative team that plans our worship services 6 or more weeks in advance. In 2003, I was looking for something on which to plan multiple recurring events—in our case, worship services. I searched numerous websites and office supply catalogs but found nothing like what I envisioned. I went to my local home improvement warehouse and purchased several unrelated items and turned them into the Write ‘n Slide™ Dry Erase System. At the time, I had no aspirations of patenting or marketing my product, however, with the urging of some close friends, I hired an attorney and started the patent process.