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Trash Takes Itself To Road! (patented)
A Trashcan Robot designed to automatically transport itself to the end of the road/driveway on the date and time chosen by the consumer.Product is patented and 100% developed and ready to sell. The cost to make the robot is under $300.


I have just invented and patented a Trashcan Robot. The trash literally takes itself out. No more hauling those big heavy trashcans to the road on trash pick-up day. By setting a timer, the trashcan automatically rides to the end of your road/driveway by itself.

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I have just opened my own business called "Naveed" in Brookhaven, Mississippi.  It means "Bearer of good news." I have several ideas for products that will help make people's lives easier and more convenient. The Robot Trashcan is just the beginning! I build and design most parts of my own products including circuit boards, motor drivers, etc. You can read more about me and my product on my website at www.naveedworld.com. The website also includes a pic and videos of the trashcan. You may email me directly at naveed.LDR@gmail.com.

Lance Ramshur