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Ultraviolet & Privacy Protection Blinds
I invented and hold a patent for an awesome new blinds system. It provides the means for multiple type, color and material blinds to hang in one window. The blinds each operate independently. A wall mountable blinds controller is added to the patent too.


When I created my first invention, I also made the first prototype, then wrote the patent and I was granted a utility patent. That invention has not been displayed here.  However, it may be added at a later date.    

Two inventions will be presented here.  NUMBER ONE is a life saving apparatus that I think is needed very much.  I do not have a patent even though I have first to invent status.  However, I would easily assign this invention for a discounted amount to someone who is serious and prepared to put it to use. It uses three existing electronic systems and combines them in a way that has never been done before.  

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A revolutionary solutionist  armed with compassion, creativity and perseverance.  To be continued.............