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My invention not only solves a problem, but also makes recovering your trash barrel's a simple task. You will never loose track of your trash barrel's again as they will always retract back to it's post stand. (Retract-A-Barrel)


I am currently working on my new invention (Retract-A-Barrel) however i have another invention patented and I am also the owner of a new non-profit corp. soon .org as a 501c3.  The Business Helpers of America please review my website @ www.help1business.com Currently seeking a C.O.founder for my non-profit.  I am extreamly passionate about what I do and I love to solve new problems with my inventions.  I also have a new App. in development for a new business idea.

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Entraprenor at heart and mind, I eat, sleep and breath my inventions and my non-profit.  However I am devoted to my beautiful wife and love spending time with my 1yr old son.   I work as a licensed pest control tech, but I found my self always thinking about new invention ideas and my business all the time at work (everyday!)  I found out quickly I am only happy when I am doing the job I love and am passionate about.  My non-profit and my inventions is where it's at for me...