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Turn Patients Over With No Strain
This is an innovative system whereby the healthcare worker or practitioner can easily turn over their patient without the effort which usually results in back injuries for service provider and disorientation for patient.

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I love to create things.  Right now I have 6 ideas that I am patenting, all having to do with the health field, with the exception of one for pet care.  From ever since I can remember, I've looked at things differently than the people around me, always wondering how to make certain things work more efficiently.  My invention listed here took me over 20 years to develop, with the prodding of my clients/patients.  Based on responses from a wide range of people, I really think my invention could have a major effect on the work of caregivers and their patients.  

I also love plants and the study of anatomy & physiology, so I incorporate the healing power of plants in my work and nutrition, and work to make anatomical studies easier for my students.  Right now, I am creating booklets about each system in the body. 

I am looking for an idea buyer that appreciates the incredible immediate and future potential of my invention.