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Best Bike Lock Ever Made, Worth Mega $
Hello, I'm the co inventor of the best bicycle lock and cable made today and is the most secure and easiest to use lock out there today. Also the revolutionary cables unique design will have many offshoots.


I've  developed a totally new bike lock and cable that'll give the user much better protection for your bike. We've  been issued a provisional patent and just want to sell our idea outright. Each and every person that's known about this idea so far says the same thing, it's a home run! It'll  be attached (primarily) in front by the gooseneck so it's stationary. It'll be just one unit and will contain the cable,lock and internal locking devices all in one. It'll be easier to use than any lock made today, a child can use this as easily as an adult can. No large, bulky locks to lug around anymore. It'll have numerous ways to lock; A key, number or numeral combo so you have many options! And even if someone tries to steal your bike, they couldn't get the lock loose anyway because it'll still be attached to it'self via the cable and nearly impossible to remove other than destroying the lock itself and a theif is never loud! The cable wil be triangular shaped with a thin sheet of Kevlar wrapped into a sheet of silicon plastic then shaped. Kevlar cannot be cut with cable cutters, the preferred tool of a bike theif. This lock will provide a much more secure way to protect your bike! And the possibility for many offshoots for this invention are numerous, gardening equiptment, fencing etc. A better way to protect your property. Thank you for taking the time to read this, hope to speak to you soon!













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I'm a 68 yr. Old man with many Ideas waiting for development!