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$84 B Worldwide Electronics Costs!!
Adding a conductive polymer or similar material to the leading edge of connectors can add an RC time constant to bring both host and peripheral devices to the same potential to protect expensive, critical equipment without causing an ESD event.

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 (512) 833-9023  Cell: (512) 627-9683 Email:  robert.miller3364@sbcglobal.net  


EXPERIENCE:            DELL/SPHERION (May, 200 6 to Feb, 2007)

Optimizing and characterizing power supply planes in Dell’s recently released and unreleased portable computers.  Evaluating efficiency and various other characteristics of DC/DC converters.  Performing experiments as desired for the power supply engineers.

                                             SAMSUNG, SEA  (June, 2004 to October, 2005)

Sole Failure Analysis Engineer in America for portable computer motherboards in a strategic alliance with a very well known computer company.  Performed FA and gave weekly FA summaries and detailed reports along with microscopic shots of failures as necessary.  FA usually performed to component level and then turned over to the vendor for 3rd level FA.  Worked multiple problems on multiple platforms to find answers when trends where found.  Two new platforms released during 2005 within a month of one another.  Trip to China to see facilities and get information on new products and progress on RoHS.  Set up the FA lab by ordering the necessary equipment.

DELL/SPHERION (March, 2002 to December, 2003)

Two stints as a Failure Analysis consultant on second level FA on latest model portables.  Trend analysis on recently released products.  Lead tech training others including the EEs newly assigned to portables.  Real time documentation of problems encountered and proposed solutions as well as further developing FA database.

AURION TECHNOLOGIES (March, 2001 to July, 2001)

                                             Engineering Associate in the Design and Development team involved in the evolution of

                                             Electronic Flow Measurement and Monitoring (EFM) in the gas and oil industry.  The product offers

                                             an order of magnitude improvement over current technology.  CMS could not deliver product.

                                             SOLECTRON TEXAS/TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, INC. (May, 1989 to March, 2001)

                                             Electronics Engineering Technician in the Custom Manufacturing Services division of Texas                                                           Instruments.  Test Engineering Technician, Lead Technician, Troubleshooter, and Test Operator

                                             were among duties performed.  Test Engineering Technician for Solectron after the acquisition

                                             from T.I.  Design and build of debug circuits and tools to assist in the functional test arena.

                                             Software and hardware experience with emphasis on hardware and electronics theory.

                                             MOTOROLA, INC. (February, 1978 to September, 1985)

                                             April, 1983 to September 1985.  Sole Product Engineer for the Motorola HCA6306 and

                                             HCA6348 Gate Arrays with strong emphasis on testing aspects.

                                             May, 1982 to April, 1983.  Product Engineer for the Custom Product line dealing with both

                                             analog and digital circuits which employed various gate technologies.

                                             April, 1980 to May, 1982.  Product Engineering Assistant with engineering level product-line                                                          responsibilities in the Custom group.

                                             February, 1978 to April, 1980.  Senior Electronics Technician supporting the Custom Product                                               Engineering group.

                                             U.S. NAVY (February, 1970 to February, 1978)

                                             Aviation Fire Control Technician.  Lab level maintenance on airborne radar systems

                                             used in the A6 Intruder aircraft series.  Honorably discharged with the rank of E-6.


EDUCATION:         AS in Pre-Engineering from Austin Community College.  Graduated Spring, 1988 (3.3 GPA).


                                             Naval training includes advanced analog, digital, and systems electronic theory and trouble-

                                             shooting as well as electronics-related math and physics with consistently high class standings

                                             including the distinction of Class Honorman of a 1000 hour advanced Avionics course.  In

                                             excess of 3900 hours of classroom naval electronics.


                                             Graduate of William B. Travis High School, Austin, Texas.

REFERENCES:       Available on request.


Other:                        IEEE member.  Patent holder for ESD control.  Patent # 7404724, July 29, 2008.




 Dell/Spherion (May, 2006 to February, 2007)

Portable PC power supply characterization and optimization for extending battery life and ensuring safety.  Information usually presented using Excel with imported O’scope captures and added annotations.

Samsung SEA (June, 2004 to October, 2005)

Failure Analysis Engineer for the Americas to cut down on turn around time for FA results in clear English instead of sending all products to China for FA.  Created FA lab with necessary tools to perform FA.  Three portable PC platforms supported down to component level and root cause discovery.  Layoff due to Samsung’s decision not to do business in the future with the customer due to losses rather than profit.  Business decision not based on performance.  Salary began at $50K/yr and in 2005 was raised to $52K plus bonuses.

Dell/Spherion (March, 2002 to December, 2003)

Lead FA consultant instructing new hires in how to use Dell’s internal database for tracking FA trends in portables.  Also trained new Dell EEs in portables when they transferred from desktops.  Instrumental in correcting faults in database data collection.  Output far surpassed expectations, but was looking for a “permanent” position with benefits rather than being a contractor.  Instant contact with Dell EEs regarding newly spotted trends in failures.

Aurion Technologies (March, 2001 to July, 2001)

Responsibilities included building, debugging, and redesigning of newly developed Electronic Flow Measurement                  circuit board assemblies. These boards included analog, digital and microcomputer technologies. Also supported the

manufacturer of the flow products by solving problems associated with test and assembly. Worked with strain

gauge pressure transducers, integrated instrumentation amplifiers, op amps and the Atmel ATMEGA103 Flash based

microcomputer.  Characterized voltage level sensitivities of the Atmel ATMEGA103L RISC processor.  Recommended

changes to raise the operating voltage of the processor during the programming of the EEPROM section and return to normal operating voltage after programming.  Modified prototype of new iteration of EFM PWB to accommodate a 32 pin SRAM to a 40 pin footprint using 36 AWG wire.  This involved cutting etches on the PWB and creating etches by scraping off the protective coating over the ground plane and beating the 36 gauge wire into a flat form to use as etching.

Solectron/Texas Instruments, Inc. (May, 1989 to March, 2001)

Employed at Texas Instruments, Inc. as both Manufacturing Technician and Test Engineering Technician.  Heavy experience in test interpretation, communication with co-workers and customers, the development and documentation of hardware and hardware changes, software recommendations, and dealing with emergencies and deadlines.  Same skills employed when T.I. sold the CMS business to Solectron Texas.  Troubleshooting/fault isolation involved component level as well as system level expertise.  Extensive knowledge of MS Office suite.  Adept in the use of test equipment.  Heavy analog experience as well as digital.

Motorola, Inc. (February, 1978 to September 1985)

Employed at Motorola, Inc. for 7 1/2 years working first in the Custom Product Engineering group from February, 1978 to April, 1983.  From April, 1983 to September, 1985 employed in the Macrocell Array program as the Product Engineer for the 4800 and 600 series of "gate arrays".  Duties included, but were not limited to:  yield enhancement, product development, test program development and debugging, design improvement, qualification of products, processing, and packaging, failure analysis, characterization, hardware development, training of production operators and electronics technicians, developing

product flows through the factory, generating production documentation, developing burn-in and temperature-humidity bias boards for stress testing of Macrocell Arrays, development of data sheets and design manuals, evaluation of process variations, working with the CAD group to improve I.C. designs, and ensuring that customer-provided designs conformed to basic Motorola design rules.

U.S. Navy (February, 1970 to February 1978)

During eight years in the U.S. Navy, performed intermediate level maintenance on the Search and Tracking airborne radar systems and mission recorder employed in the A6 aircraft series.  Also maintained the test systems used to test the radar components and mission recorders.  Work required knowledge of analog, digital, and microwave electronics as well as mechanical abilities.  Supervisor for test console used in the checkout of radar system components and the support personnel assigned to the maintenance of the radar system.  Other duties included duty section leader, test equipment petty officer, and training of new personnel.


Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.  Various experience has required clear, concise

conveyance of information.  Excellent soldering skills both through-hole and surface mount.  Continuing

expansion of PC skills includes extensive knowledge of MS Office suite, and various other applications.

Analytical analysis of problems with the ability to weigh factors such as pricing, timing, user ease, short and long-term

corrections to problems, and innovative approaches to problem solving.