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Link It A Safe Toy For Kids
link it is large building blocks we are looking for investors to help manufacture promote this toy and share in profits this toy has a patent pending in the usa


You can view a 3d protype of link it which desribes all of the aspects of projects that can be built.Anyone who needs more info just send us you email to view the whole website called link-it.

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Creative toys are important to stimulate the development of imaginations, problem-solving skills, as well as entertain children of all ages. This unique building block is an endeavor, by a mother and son, to bring back to fruition on behalf of their uncle/great uncle, who passed away before the family could complete the full potential of this toy. The family has observed the pleasure and enthusiasm of children as they play with various kinds of construction toys. They also base their conclusions on a market research analysis that was conducted in a mall with hands on building activities. There are limitations with many of the construction toys currently on the market. In some, the pieces are too small to leave around young children as they fit easily into little mouths. Many toys have sharp edges and corners. Some of the favorites fit together so tightly, that children can become easily frustrated when they cannot get the pieces apart. The new construction toy the family has developed will have none of these limiting factors. They will become a favorite activity for children and be safe to use with young children in homes, pre-schools and daycare centers.

The family has teamed up for the development of this project with Idea Design Studio, and together they have used their collaborative experience to transform this idea into a marketable platform. The family passionately feels a sense of pride about this concept and believes that it deserves immediate attention. Because of the great market that exists for such a concept, they wholeheartedly believe in the positive impact its development and production will have on individuals and the market(s) to which it will be promoted.