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Fire Prevention Tech With Human Factor
Here is a preventive innovation technology for cooking! The Firing Alarm Pager is a reminder electronic chronometer with function to trigger an audible alarm at intervals in order to inform the cook to monitor the cooking fire on cooker or risk appliance


Prevent human…not the fire!  Here is a preventive innovation technology for cooking!

The Firing Alarm Pager is a reminder electronic chronometer with function to trigger an audible alarm at intervals in order to inform the cook to monitor the cooking fire on cooker/ fryer or any type of appliance fire risk such as iron, kettle, etc..
The invention with the approach based on prevention of fire, allowing for intervention before the smoke detector. Indeed
, the dedicated equipment involved in the cooking process. A sensor logged in a base (operating  24 hrs a day) detect the electric emission of the appliance and  transmit the information to the beeper.  A processor  operating a
 switch point at intervals order activation will alarm the person wearing the beeper, no matter if he has left home or not!


The product is aimed at several types of customers as people distracted, multitasking, the elderly, Alzheimer's, youth, consumers of medicine, drugs or alcohol.
Some advantages of this technology:
- The recall-sound works even when the person left the house

-The production cost is comparatively low against the suggested retail price
-The potential market is
 valued at 216 M$ only for Canada. The estimation does not take into account the aging of the population.
The technology is available to sell right now. A working prototype is available for  demonstration and the preliminary cost for mass production is already made.
Any serious buyer can contact the inventors at email: FiringPager@ live.ca