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We love entrepreneurs and began developing apps in house from our Columbus, OH location to develop a strong team to partner on great new app ideas. If we partner with you on your app company, our team becomes your app development team, greatly increasing the experience you have available to you. That's part of why we are one of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States at #197.

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Our proven track record and reputation is something we are very proud of. We look to partner on app ideas from entrepreneurs and companies who share similar goals of having lasting relationships.

Our team of app idea developers is second to none. We build and launch apps with a focus on positioning our app partners to increase the likelihood of market acceptance and success.

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“Working with Idea Buyer has been amazing, I appreciate the communication and professional approach to helping us with our invention process from start to finish.”

Jennifer, EMinder

“My experience with Idea Buyer has exceeded my expectations. Although they are an Inc. 500 Company, the entire staff is readily available any time I have questions or new ideas. They have been one of my biggest advocates, and without them, Funeral Vision would have remained just that, a vision. Idea Buyer has seen to it that my biggest dream would become not just a reality, but a success. I look forward to working with them again on future projects and would highly recommend a partnership with Idea Buyer to anyone.”

Todd Morrow, Funeral Vision

"The Idea Buyer team is exceptional and continues to exceed expectations! I’m more than excited to be partners with a great team of innovative individuals!" 

Brett Sherman, Legal Locate



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