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The Summary

IdeaBuyer.com is a marketplace to license and sell patents. Since it's founding in 2007, it has become the world's largest marketplace for patents and has processed Billions of Dollars in patent sales.

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The Process

1)  Inventor lists intellectual property on IdeaBuyer.com.  2) Listing is reviewed by our team.  3) The IP is broadcast to our network of qualified buyers.  4) Interested buyers contact the IP holder.  5) Preliminary talks are held.  6) Due diligence and negotiations.  7) Purchase or licensing deal is finalized offline with attorneys.
  1. Individual lists intellectual property available to be sold or licensed.
  2. Listing is posted on our site and broadcast to our network of over 3,000 active buyers.
  3. Interested parties contact the seller.
  4. Interested party may request more information or a presentation.
  5. Due dilligence and negotiations.
  6. Purchase or licensing is finalized offline between the buyer and seller.