A Awesome Golf Tool


This is a golf tool that will make it easier for everyone to golf. If you look you will find none out in the stores or in the golf shops.it makes it so you don't have to bend over to set the ball and the tee into the ground.

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Posted by Craig Mecham under Sports & Entertainment

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A Awesome Golf Tool
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This tool can be used to put the ball and tee into the ground without bending or squatting. You can retrieve the tee and the ball from the cup. 

 We have looked all over the weatern United States and we can't find anything like this in a store or golf courses. There is nothing out there for us to get so I built one. It works perfectly. It's would be easy to build and very easy to sell. There are over 50 million Senior golfers. 28% of those have disabilities that this can eliminate and they too can golf. Why not make all of us something that will help us enjoy the game of golf? 

I am looking for someone to buy this patent out right as my first choice, the second is to possibly find a manufacturer that will make them for us. I am thinking that the potential of this is one that could make a lot of money.

I do have a patent on this along with a working prototype. I have videos and pictures of this tool. If you golf and don't wish to bend over to set your ball and tee then try one of these and you will be able to play faster as well as no pain. This eliminates the physical issues that keeps us from playing the relaxing game of golf.

we have made several of these and taken them to the golf courses and let people use them on the first tee. Every single one wants to know where to get one, if we can get them one, or how can they get something like that? If someone were to buy this patent and simply take the prototype to a golf course and show people and you too will see that this thing is with more than what most would think. We can tell others but if you can hold it in your hand or tee the ball up or use it you will sell them as fast as you can make them.

if you are interested in possibly buying this patent please contact me. As a back up plan pick as many stores as you want and go see if you can find on of these ? Ask your fellow golfers and if they are having trouble golfing due to physical issues see if they would use one?

this is something that can go on every golf store, and every golf course if someone wanted to do it. Take my challange and go look and see if you can find something like what we have to offer and if you can't find one, consider buying or building these, and lets all be productive.