Ainsley's Instant Made Coffe


A instant made coffee, that provides convienance, and portability. All containers will already contain Coffee, Tea, Cappacino, or Hot Cocoa content, thus adding water creating a solution of goodness.

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Posted by andre mckoy under Restaurants, Food & Drinks

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Ainsley's Instant Made Coffe
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It is a coffee cup/bottle (final prototype not available) container made out of recyclable material preferebly plastic. it contains coffee already in the cup/bottle.only thing required is to add water(hot or cold) to determine speed of process. the bottle then react to the adding of water the coffee is then heated up by compounds in the bottle that reacts to water with increase of temperature. Which causes the bottle to only take matter of seconds to heat up to standard safe drinking temperature for drinking liquides. also eliminating the time needed to wait for coffee pots or store lines in the morning. Second feature is a rubber grip that when the right pressure is applied the grip allows the drinking compartment on the top entry of the bottle to be opened and closed once pressure of rubber grip is released. therefore creating a spill proof grip. The compound that heats up after water is added is unknown at the time, but im sure there is such resources available to make this happen. Ainsley's instant made coffee will come in a few different variety of flavors and kinds. Such as Coffee, Tea, Cappacino or Hot Cocoa. Im pursuing that the coffee be bought in quantities such as a 24 pack of water bottles u would purchase in walmart or any grocery store. A prototype is not yet available but the upside to that is a mental image is all thats required to recognize tge potential of this product.