Alert Buddy Will Ad Safety And Security


Once the Alert Buddy application is activated on your homes' entire online experiences, the safety and security of all users will be realized. No more missed medication times; no more being oblivious to ones surroundings; communication by all.

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Posted by Robert Barnett under Internet & Media

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Alert Buddy Will Ad Safety And Security
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Developement is needed at this stage, but I will describe as well as possible at this point.

The App is called Alert Buddy.  The biggest problem today with online facination by our children is the total addiction it poses.  Playing online games for instance. The addiction can be so intense that a childs' awareness of his/her immediate surroundings can easily become greatly obscured. Knowing what is going on around him/her is very important and can become life threatening in many instances. Alert Buddy can break this facination by inerrupting the users experience with a message directly from parents or guardians on the device beiing used. This message can be in print form or voice format, or both, on screen. This message could be to remind the user of a call to the parent or guardian to inform them of the current situation; ie., health, medication taken or not, thirst, hunger or any other health issue;  homework completed?, bedtime is near, check doors for security, ect, ect. Alert Buddy alert would not relinquish users use of device untill user answers the alert to the satisfaction of alert sender. Alerts by parents/guardians can be in real-time or on a recurring schedule.  Sometimes users can be so entranced by their experience that things such as phone calls, door knocks, even screams can be ignored or just not heard due to headphone usage.  Alerts can bring user back to reality long enough to take stock of their responsibilities and their surroundings, thus bringing safety and security to the forefront. Control of Alert Buddy is strictly by the owner, password protected. I have thought that an added feature when Alert Buddy is in use might be an emergency button (911) that would dial a 911 operator. Such a button would have to be made identifiable to 911 operators(?) in such instance as no voice communication would be possible by the user.