Allen Key With 42% More Torque


With 1000's of uses from bicycle maintenance to flatpack furniture, and over 60,000 global google searches for allen keys every month, there is a gap in the market for a new allen key.

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Posted by Daniel Neale under Automotive

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Allen Key With 42% More Torque
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Full Description


The Product solves the following problem:

Unable to tighten a bolt to the desired tension using a standard allen key in remote locations.  

The problem was solved wit following solution:

I increased the surface area of a 100mm allen key. It now applies the equivalent force of a long arm 140mm allen key. The result is an allen key capable of producing 42% more torque than a standard 100mm allen key.

My tool is better than these prior solutions because: 

1 - Short arm allen key 100mm; uncomfortable to hold and can not apply enough force.

2 - Long arm allen key 140mm; the tool is not portable.                                                  

3 - Muti tool allen key set; the tool is uncomfortable and can not with stand high amounts of force. 

 4 - T-bar allen key; is not portable and inappropriate size.


The tool is targeted to the following markets:

1- Bicycle Maintanence 

2- Extreme Sports

3- Mechanics

4- Maintanence  


The Product is Patent Pending, full prototype and presenation available for enquieries.  


Kind Regards

Daniel Neale