Anti-folds Breast Implant


The Anti-Folds Breast Implant represents the next generation of mammary prosthesis and aims to suppress the unpredictable and untreatable complication of breast augmentation surgery which is the occurrence of folds in the upper parts of prosthetic breasts

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Posted by Franck MOJARADI under Healthcare

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Anti-folds Breast Implant
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This new patented ( so far in FRANCE only ) Anti-Folds Breast Implant with its exclusive and also patented manufacturing process represents the next generation of breast prosthesis.The original structural characteristics of this implant aims to significantly reduce or suppress one of the unpredictable and untreatable complications of breast augmentation surgery which is the occurrence of folds in the upper parts of the prosthetic breasts and happens in approximately 15 to 20% of all cases, in a short or a longer term. This inevitably causes disappointment, unsatisfaction and psychological discomfort.

Once occured, these folds are visible on patients' skin and nothing can be done to remove or even reduce them because they are due to deep and definitive collagenic and elastinic structural modifications in the dermal layer. The only way to cope with this issue is prevention and this has never been acheived with the transformations done in all types of breast implants which use the same old structural concepts since decades.

This new Anti-Folds Breast Implant is also dedicated to establish new standards in terms of visual and palpatory aspects in breat aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The present generation of breast implants has progressively become much tougher than before because of the modifications done on the shell's structure and the filling material's rheology in an attempt to reduce or prevent leaking phenomenon and folds occurrence. Thanks to its unique structural characteristics and concept, the new generation of breast implants authorizes a smootenning of the prosthesis without any incidence on the leaking phenomenon ; the folds apparition being prevented by new structural specifications.

By bringing radical novelties, particularily in its structural characteristics, the new breast implant intends to replace, not only a part, but merely the whole mammary prosthesis of today's market worldwide. The annual global market is of approximately 300.000 pairs of implants with an average benefit per pair of about 300 USD. This can represent a profitability of more or less 2 Billion USD for 20 years of exploitation and assures undoubtedly a leading position for its promoter afterwards.

The present invention may interest primarily breast implant manufacturers who already possess the production tool for such a project. New actors wanting to make the necessary investments in order to penetrate this huge market may also be interested. It is to be precised that the new breast implant uses the same structure and filling material ( silicone based ) which is used in current prosthesis and that there is no need for costy pre-clinical and clinical "new material" research, development and agreements. The only necessary agreements are the classic ones of structural modifications and new industrial manufacturing processes concerning a new patterned but also existing medical device.

As a Plastic, Aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, I know that nowadays, almost none of the patients undergoing breast aesthetic augmentation or reconstruction, is properly informed about the risk of the aesthetic complication represented by folds occurrence. The rapid diffusion of the product, assured mainly by a direct information of women through magazines and media, bypasses the long, costy and difficult step of surgeons' persuasion and adhesion. Broadly and directly well informed about the benefits and specifications of the new implants, the patients will massively and rapidly impose their choice of the product to their surgeons.

The inventor ( myself ) is looking more specifically for an industrilal partner able to :

- make the necessary investment to patent the invention worlwide,

- develop and market the product worlwide in the framework of an exclusive licensing.

For abvious reasons, all technical details and every other indispensable information necessary for the comprehension of the invention will be disclosed to interested companies after the signature of a specific Confidentiality Agreement that will be sent on demand.