Any Water Leak Is Detectable


We have found the solution to a problem that has long been sought by those involved in the detecting of leaks in the home water supply system to prevent water damage. Our solution allows detecting water leakage at any level from zero to maximum flow.

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Posted by Itsac Borenshtein under Household

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Any Water Leak Is Detectable
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Full Description

A “simple” and easy to use device that plugs into the water meter outlet and serves as a smart protection switch which identify ANY leakage with a damage potential and blocks water flow to prevent damage (similar to the function of the electrical power CB)

Major benefits:

 - Will detect any level of leak, visible and invisible

 - Can be installed by yourself without worrying about positioning the unit (except the direction of flow), you can use it indoor/outdoor

 - No setups (except mode selection) just install and forget

- Forget from preventive maintenance

- Light leaks will not be a cause to stop the flow of water unless it has accumulated to an amount that can be harmful